Why Did Grocery Store Joe & Kendall Break Up After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Let's Look At Their Relationship Timeline

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Why Did Grocery Store Joe & Kendall Break Up After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Let's Look At Their Relationship Timeline

What happens in paradise stays in paradise, unless it's Bachelor in Paradise. In that case, whatever happens in Paradise is gonna follow you off the beach, to your hometown, into your apartment, and then back onto the beach later after you guys break up. That's at least what's happening with dear Grocery Store Joe and Kendall Long, of BiP fame many moons and pandemics ago.

The exes met on Paradise and were together... until they weren't. I'll get into it, don't worry. With the two both returning to the beach this season (awkward), we decided to take a look at how these two came to be, not be, and then be on the same beach. Let's get to it.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5, Summer 2018

Kendall and Joe met down on the beach in Mexico. Although they seemed great for each other, when the talks turned serious, Kendall began to back pedal, causing Joe to leave the show.

After Paradise, September 2018

Right after Paradise, Kendall went to Chicago so that she could hopefully rekindle things with Joe. They announced that they are back together on the "After Paradise" episode.

Dancing With The Stars, September 2018- March 2019

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On After Paradise, Chris Harrison told Joe that he secured Joe a spot on Dancing with the Stars, which just so happens to tape in Los Angeles, where Kendall lives. She was seen at multiple tapings. After the show, Kendall joined Joe on the road with the DWTS tour.

Moving In, April 2019

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Kendall and Joe got a place together in West Hollywood, 7 months after announcing to the world that they were back together.

The Break Up, January 2020

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Kendall and Joe announced their break up in January 2020. They have both been very honest about the fact that they broke up because of a difference on where they wanted to live: Kendall wanted to stay in Los Angeles and Joe wanted to be in Chicago.

Post Break Up, Feb 2020 - Now

  • At least for the first month after the breakup they were still living together.
  • In October 2020, Kendall told US Weekly, that “I love Joe. I mean, he’s just a great person and we’ve really went through a lot together… We have a good relationship. It’s not romantic right now.”
  • After being asked about whether should would be in Paradise this year, Kendall said on an episode of The Almost Famous Podcast that came out in May that she "would want someone else to experience falling in love in that way" and that to be there "would be so hard... I would not want to watch him fall in love with someone else... that would suck." Ashley I. even asked if she she found out if he was going, would that deter you from going to which she replied, "it might."
  • On July 8, the original cast of paradise was announced — with Joe in it.

Paradise Trailer

  • Serena and Joe are seen kissing in the trailer.
  • Kendall is seen walking down the stairs with a voiceover that says, "... Kendall walks in and that's Joe's ex and Joe's with Serena..."
  • (Also, Serena lives in Canada, so much for that geographical concern, Joe!)
  • A scene of Joe and Kendall arguing that goes:
Joe: Why did you come here?
Kendall: Why did you come here?
  • After the above seen, a voiceover of Joe saying, "Kendall's absolutely trying to stop this."

So, this is bound to be juicy.

Images: ABC

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