Clues That Maurissa & Riley Are Still Together After 'Paradise'

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Clues That Maurissa & Riley Are Still Together After 'Paradise'

Riley is a lawyer, so he knows all about client confidentiality. Apparently, he's quite professional at keeping his own personal information confidential too. Because there's an astounding lack of evidence that Maurissa and Riley are together after Bachelor in Paradise. Now, is that because Demar's arrival on the Sept. 21 will threaten Riley and Maurissa's connection? Hm, something tells me it's going to take more than a new guy coming to the beach to shake up these tongue-eating, whipped cream-licking reigning king and queen of the boom boom room. But is there any proof they'll survive Paradise?

Riley and Maurissa don't follow each other on Instagram (here's hers and his) or Twitter (here's his and hers). Maurissa has a TikTok, but Riley doesn't. And Maurissa's Facebook page lists her as single.

That's all pretty standard since they're not going to want to spoil their ending. But I also couldn't find any tips from other people on Reddit or Instagram about spotting this pair together after Paradise. But, as Wells said, "If you can suck on a toe, you can get engaged at the end of this thing." So here's my mostly circumstantial evidence that they're still together.

First Date Instagram Posts

[rich Embed]
[rich Embed]

After their first date, both Maurissa and Riley shared a behind-the-scenes photo of Riley kissing her cheek with some positive captions. Maurissa wrote, "Best first date ever…… minus the food" (fair). Riley wrote, "That was something special."

It's not much, but considering this is pretty much the only time they've acknowledged each other on Instagram, I'll take it! On an IG Story that a fan on Reddit captured, Riley also called out people who were criticizing Maurissa and holding her to a sexist double standard for sleeping with him on their first date. It wasn't overly defensive of Maurissa, but maybe the lawyer wanted to downplay his feelings as to not give anything away.

The Whipped Cream Appreciation Post

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Maurissa had fun with the whipped cream date on TikTok. And her video was not off-base based on Riley's tweet that he'd like "more whipped cream please." I mean, this isn't breaking news because he obviously very much enjoyed Maurissa's dessert-themed game in the moment. But if he had been burned by her going off with Demar, he might not have felt as inclined to post this.

The Demar Fakeout

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The BiP Twitter account promoted this upcoming episode with the video of Demar and Maurissa possibly hitting it off. They captioned the video, "Looks like we got a love triangle on the way!"

But there's a couple of things about Demar you should know before you believe everything in this promo. Ivan quote-tweeted a fan saying that the audience was robbed that Demar is coming to Paradise after Deandra left — and Demar retweeted Ivan. At least according to Demar's Instagram, Demar and Ivan are close, so was Ivan saying Demar had been interested in Deandra?

Then, there's Demar's friendship with Riley. On the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with Becca and Tia, Riley was talking about being friendly with Brendan. But he said they aren't super close, not like his other Bach Nation friends "Demar, Ivan, and Noah, who I talk to on a daily basis." He mentioned those three guys being his close friends in another moment too, so Demar is someone he currently has a good relationship with.

Bach Nation can stay friends through all weird sorts of dating situations. But considering how serious Maurissa and Riley are and how Riley is still noting Demar as one of his closest Bach Nation buddies, that seems to indicate that Demar didn't break them up.

Bachelor Happy Hour

[video Embed]

Speaking of Bachelor Happy Hour, Riley was very careful not to give anything away when he appeared on the Sept. 15 episode. But, because there's such a lack of evidence, I'm reading into everything that he and Becca Kufrin said about his relationship with Maurissa. None of this would hold up in court, but just roll with me.

  • Riley on Maurissa being jealous that he was at the VIP party: "Watching that back, I was so shocked. I was like, 'Girl, what's wrong with you? Everything's all good.'" Everything's all good, as in the present tense???
  • Riley on Brendan being rude to Maurissa when they confronted him about Pieper: "We are friends and he knew that Maurissa and I, ummm, we were in a relationship at that time." There was a pause before Riley made sure to use the past tense, so as not to give anything away.
  • Becca after Riley gave a shoutout to Demi for defending Maurissa: "[Demi]'s got your girl's back." OK, I know I'm a writer so verb tenses matter a lot to me, but Becca's using the present tense here, so is Maurissa still Riley's "girl"?
  • Becca talking about people criticizing their boom boom room actions: "You two are so happy and it led to one of the strongest relationships on that beach." Again, they "are" so happy.
  • Becca at the end of the podcast: "I can't wait to see where his relationship with Maurissa takes him."

When listening to Bachelor Happy Hour, it's actually Becca who's less coy about the status of Riley and Maurissa's relationship. But hey, it's not like Becca's playing it cool in her own rumored post-BiP relationship either.

Reality Steve

If you want to spoil the season for yourself, Reality Steve does allegedly have the scoop on where Riley and Maurissa end up.


According to Reality Steve, Maurissa and Riley will be one of the couples that gets engaged at the end of Paradise. But you're going to have to take his word for it because even the spoiler extraordinaire can't get photographic evidence of them together. So fans will have to wait until the BiP finale to close this case officially.


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