Clues Becca & Thomas Are Dating After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

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Clues Becca & Thomas Are Dating After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

I knew the "Bachelorette in Paradise" was going to be a hot commodity on BiP (the first ever Bachelorette gracing the gross sandy shores of this particular Mexican resort? Unprecedented!) but I never would have put money on her connecting with one of the franchises' most recent villains. As we've seen, Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs, from Katie's season, have hit it off in Paradise, and while I will hold my tongue on questioning Becca's judgement based solely on what I saw during Thomas' time on The Bachelorette, I have to wonder... is it possible these two are even remotely together still?

Also, FYI, I'm gonna spill some supposed spoilers so... proceed with caution if you're weird about that!

[video Embed]

In the interest of being the Bigger Person, I'm going to say Paradise is Thomas' redemption story. The Bachelor franchise loves a comeback, and this may just be it for him. Dating a very well-liked Bachelorette who seems to have a very solid head on her shoulders and doesn't really do drama? Yeah, that's a step in the right direction.

While we are still watching Becca and Thomas's love story play out on our screens, all the clues out there are pointing towards the fact that they could very well still be together. Here is everything we know about their current relationship status.

Birthday Video

[rich Embed]

The above video is probably the most incriminating piece of evidence that we have, if it is indeed Becca (some commenters don't believe it's her... I think it is). This recent video was supposedly taken by a family member at Thomas's birthday celebration, and maybe-Becca can clearly be seen in the background in the red skirt.

Flirty Instagram Posts & Comments

Image: Instagram, Becca Kufrin 
Image: Instagram, Becca Kufrin 
Image: Instagram, Thomas Jacobs

Everyone in Paradise posts pictures with the person that they are talking to, so I don't think that part is too suspicious. However, the captions are a bit more flirty than friendly and the comments are all but confirming that the pair is dating.

Reality Steve Says The Rumors Are True

Image: ABC

Reality Steve said back at the end of August that Becca and Thomas break up before Fantasy Suites on Bachelor in Paradise, but have indeed gotten back together.

Thomas's Mom Is Following Becca

While this is not the most scandalous piece of evidence, as she is also following other fellow Bachelor Nation members, it is worth noting.

Same Plant, Blanket, And Cups?

Image: Instagram, @bachelornation.scoop

We have previously discussed rumors that these two might be together after the internet stalked their pages and found similarities in the plant, blanket, and cups that both parties seem to have. We determined the rumors were unconfirmed at the time, but based on evidence that has since come out, it seems like all signs are pointing to yes.

Image: ABC

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