Who Is Kendall Dating After 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

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Who Is Kendall Dating After 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

Poor Kendall, she went to Paradise looking for a summer love, and all she got was a front-row seat to her ex falling in love with another woman. But did she leave the beach alone? And, if she did, is she still single? In the absence of any major love connection in Mexico, let's investigate if Kendall is dating anyone post-Bachelor in Paradise.

When Kendall arrived in Paradise this season, fans knew there would be trouble. Joe, the man she met in Paradise on Season 5 and dated for two years before they broke up in 2020, was already falling in love with Serena P., and despite Kendall insisting that she's ready to move on from Joe, it seemed clear that she, uh, was not. Or, at least, not with him and his new girlfriend right there.

Now, as Joe and Serena have declared they're "falling in love" with one another, and Kendall remains single on the beach, it's looking more and more like this round in Paradise is not going to work out as she had hoped. Or will it? Let's take a look at her options.

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So far, Kendall's Bachelor in Paradise edit has made it look like she's just sitting by herself, pinning over Joe, but in last week's episode, we got a glimpse of her budding flirtation with Ivan, they even made out on the beach! Of course, it wasn't long before Kendall was distracted by Joe and Serena's romantic night. Ivan didn't expand on the nature of his relationship with Kendall, or what happens next — he did give her his rose at the most recent rose ceremony though — but he did ask people not to @ him about Kendall, so, it definitely doesn't sound like the relationship went anywhere super romantic. (He later tweeted that he was "just trying to distract her.")

That said, it doesn't seem like there's any bad blood between Ivan and Kendall. When her first episode aired, Ivan commented on her arrival on Twitter, writing, "Kendall's red dress 🔥."

According to Bachelor blogger Reality Steve, Kendall doesn't leave the beach in a relationship, but BiP finished filming end of June, so that definitely doesn't mean she's still single now. In fact, fans have been theorizing about a potential relationship with fellow BiP alum Blake Horstmann. Personally, I don't buy it — the entire theory is based on a few Instagram Stories and one Instagram post — but you never know with Bachelor Nation.

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Based on Kendall's interviews and her Instagram, it definitely doesn't look like she's in a relationship right now. But, she does want everyone to know that, when the right person comes along and she's not forced to see her ex and his new girlfriend every hour of every day, she'll be ready. "I wouldn't have walked down the stairs on that beach if I didn't feel I was ready," she said during an appearance on Bachelor Nation's Talk It Out podcast. "I think it was being in that situation and being around him that made it really difficult for me to pursue a relationship there. But with where I am now, I feel excited to find something."

May Kendall find the love she deserves, and may fans stop trying to spin the narrative that she's trying to break Joe and Serena up, Amen.


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