4 Moments In Riley's 'Bachelorette' Journey That Led Him To 'Paradise'

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4 Moments In Riley's 'Bachelorette' Journey That Led Him To 'Paradise'

I knew Riley Christian wasn't posting all those gym selfies to let those abs go to waste! The Bachelorette alum is coming out of quarantine and hitting the beach. And, if the Paradise promo is to be believed, he's going to have Tahzjuan, Serena, and Maurissa swooning. But don't let the heat fool you, Riley's journey from Bachelorette to Bachelor in Paradise was way more emotional than physical.

For those who don't remember, Riley competed on Clare/Tayshia's Bachelorette season all the way back in 2020 (feels like a LIFETIME ago). He immediately became a fan favorite. Not only was he a rare contestant with an actual job (he's a lawyer), he stood out by staying away from most of the drama in the house. But he really started to shine after Clare left and Tayshia took over as Bachelorette. Unfortunately, by the time his relationship with Tayshia was starting to get serious, she already had other relationships that were stronger, and she ended up letting him go before hometowns.

Cut to: summer of 2021, and it looks like Riley is over the heartbreak and ready to explore any and all connections in Paradise. Before we start on his journey, here's a look back on some of his best Bachelorette moments.

What's In A Name?

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Riley's biggest "drama" on The Bachelorette came towards the end of the season, when Tayshia took her final five on a group date and submitted each man to a lie detector test. Riley came out strong, saying he normally tells clients never to submit to a polygraph test because they can be inaccurate (fair enough). So, of course, he got tripped up on the very first question: "What is your name?"

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