Are You Team Katie Or Team Greg?

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Are You Team Katie Or Team Greg?

Was it pure emotion or the performance of a lifetime? The Bachelorette's Hometowns episode ended in a shocking twist, with Greg deciding to self-eliminate following Katie's refusal to show show him the proper affection — or was it, her refusal to break her ABC contract? Because, when it comes down to choosing sides following the emotional two hours, where do you stand? Are you Team Katie or Team Greg?

Bachelor Nation and fans knew the moment was coming. After all, Katie has been subtly teasing the inevitability of a shady Greg exit via her social media behavior. But the rapid disintegration of the relationship was shocking, given both Katie and Greg seemed to be this season's OTP just hours earlier following Greg's declaration of love to his family and to Katie.

Since there are two sides to every Bachelorette debate (well, except for any conversation surrounding Katie's cardigan, only one opinion is acceptable there), let's analyze their POVs.

Team Greg

You join a reality show, open to the possibility of love, but, like so many, skeptical. Still, you meet the Bachelorette, and find... there's something there. You two get along. So much that you got not only the first impression rose, but also the first one-on-one date.

Weeks pass, with you willing to let Katie explore her options, but still showcase your affections over a plate of fettuccini and, later, in the rain. Twice. You get roses in return, sure, but, as Greg said, fuck the rose. What's the rose without a promise of being at the end together? Without an "I love you"?

What's more, you introduce Katie to your mother, not long after tragedy struck the family in the form of his dad's death. You receive your mother's blessing, you confirm that you are, indeed, in love, and, once you pass that milestone, marriage should be around the corner, right?

Yet, you're told you must trust the process, despite opening yourself up to your family and — not to mention — the world. And when you open up about your father to Katie, and double down on your affections, she hits you back with, "I love looking at you." Not an "I love you," not an "I choose you," but "I love looking at you." Sure, it's a "process," but should love be tied to something contractually obligated? Fuck the process, fuck the rose, and, if Katie insists on following that ABC-trodden path, then fuck the relationship.

But, then again...

Team Katie

There's no order on The Bachelorette, but there seem to definitely be laws. Though you might not be contractually obligated to resist saying "I love you" (or maybe you are, depending on who you ask), saying the three words before engagement is heavily frowned upon on the series. Katie agreed to play the game when she joined the show — her ability to follow through shows nothing but commitment, right?

Plus, though her choice of wardrobe is questionable, her affection for Greg certainly was not. We watched as she all but told Greg's mom he was winning the season, and she even told Greg himself that he was her "number one." His insistence on doubling down, claiming he had given so much love to Katie and nothing in return, was ridiculous at best, sinister at worst. Katie, under the firm watch of a producer's eye, was left trying to spell out her feelings like a Scripps champion, with Greg refusing to hear a word, negging her with each platitude she delivered.

Did we witness gaslighting? Or a man realizing he might actually win this acting in its finest form? Or... both?

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In the Greg vs. Katie debate, who do you side with? Me? The fettuccini.

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