Why Did Greg Leave 'The Bachelorette'? His Fundamental Flaw, Revealed

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Why Did Greg Leave 'The Bachelorette'? His Fundamental Flaw, Revealed

I'm not sure how I expected Greg's Bachelorette journey to end, but it definitely wasn't by way of an explosive fight with a side of gaslighting. First Impression Rose recipient Greg left The Bachelorette after Hometowns on Monday, Aug. 2, following a multi-day, dramatic fight that left Katie threatening to end her season right then and there.

Despite his status as an early frontrunner, fan favorite, and sweet puppy dog/Jim Halpert/Greg from Succession, Greg self-eliminated after suddenly deciding he couldn't deal with Katie not acknowledging his declaration of love and intent. We've seen this fight before — many, many times — but Greg and Katie's burnout blowout felt different, if almost unnecessary. (Even if she, once again, was wearing break-up blue.)

During his hometown, Greg went from professing his love to getting so upset that Katie couldn't tell him right then and there that he was going to win, with those precise words. He even called her a stranger in the way she took the "I love you." It was a surprising turn — particularly since Katie all but guaranteed she felt those three words (even letting him know that he would be here next week and that he was her "number one"), but that wasn't enough for Greg, who was definitely raw from a very emotional hometown.

It was a moment that broke Bachelorette's fourth wall. After all, this isn't just a courtship and a show, it's a game, too. Katie can't just tell him she's also in love with him — at least not on camera. She still needs to play the game, even if that means having to wait until engagement for an "I love you."

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