Katie's Pink Sweater.

- The Bachelor -
Katie's Pink Sweater.

I've kept my mouth shut this entire season (publicly) about Katie's wardrobe choices because I think she feels great in all of the clothes and that's all that matters. Even if I personally wouldn't match my eyeshadow to my sequin green dress, or wear a plaid cropped button down, or a collared jean dress, or beaded gown from a 2012 prom... hey, as long as Katie feels good. But when it comes to Katie's cropped sweater in Pepto pink — I have to speak out.

On her hometown — "hometown," they were still at a Hyatt in New Mexico — with Blake, Katie wore a cropped cardigan/sweater/shrug that can only be described as:

  • What my mom told me to "throw on" that one time we went to Easter mass
  • What a quirky protagonist wears in a rom-com while running out of her apartment because she's late for the Big Presentation
  • Every sweater I bought from Limited Too
  • What teachers told you to get from your locker because "you can't wear spaghetti straps" at middle school
  • Save-room-for-Jesus chic
  • The shell for Mandy Moore's beach party look in Princess Diaries
  • What my clothes looked like after I shrunk them all my first year of college
  • MySpace Top 8 worthy

If that didn't give you enough of a visual, here it is in all its cropped glory:

It's the way it creeped up in the back because of her mic pack for me.

With all of this said, if Katie is able to get an "I love you," from Blake after wearing this sweater — while his mom wears a chic white button down with a popped collar — then you know it's real. Handle me at my worst, deserve me at my best, right?

Images: ABC

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