Did Greg's "I Love You" Count On 'The Bachelorette'?

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Did Greg's "I Love You" Count On 'The Bachelorette'?

Yes, we can all agree that Greg absolutely made love to a plate of fettuccini during his "Truth Or Dare" date. (Just look at that photo. It's not vaguely pornographic, it's absolutely pornographic.) But I'm not sure we all agree on one other notable moment during the date: did Greg's "I love you" to Katie during The Bachelorette count?

After Greg was dared to eat a habanero pepper and get down on one knee and propose, he said those words that every man eventually utters on a Bachelor franchise: "We met at Stagecoach." Or, rather, "I love you." But did he actually mean it?

Let's investigate both sides.

Point: He Meant It.

There's little doubt that there's real chemistry between Katie and Greg. Not only did he get her first impression rose, but he also got the first one-on-one date. And, what's more, during Karl-gate, Greg was the only contestant to approach Katie and console her — and seemed to be the only one successful at consoling her.

There's a connection, and, while we all know the Bachelor and Bachelorette are not technically allowed to say "I love you" (though, that rule has been broken before, sometimes twice in one season, ahem, Ben Higgins), there's little doubt that Katie is feeling the vibes. And, if you're Greg — scoring date after date and rose after rose — you're likely feeling enough confidence to break out the big "L," even without the reciprocation.

Still, knowing you won't hear it back, what better place to test drive an "I love you" than to tie it into the joke? Greg might know that it's unlikely to feel as official as a phrase uttered in front of Mike Fleiss-funded fireworks, but it plants the seed, and captures Katie where it hits her best: her funny bone.

Yes, he said it while brandishing a ring purchased in a check-out line of Spencer's Gift, but an "I love you" is still an "I love you." And Katie herself said he "technically" said the "L" word. Greg meant it, Greg said it, and it absolutely counted.


Counterpoint: It Doesn't Count

A plate full of fettuccini makes you do crazy and delicious things. You feel full... at first you think of love, but, really, it's gluten. Hand me a plastic ring and plate of unlimited breadsticks, and I'll propose to the Olive Garden waiter.

If Greg felt it... why not say it in a more intimate setting? Not only did Greg skip out on the three words during his sit down later with Katie, he also skirted the phrase altogether by telling the camera, "I do feel like this can be love between us."

"Can be." Not "is." And you can tell the camera everything, as Virgin Mike already taught us.

Plus, the faux "I love you" proposal was presented as a performance — and who knows better about how to perform than Greg the actor?

But then again...

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Counter-Counterpoint: Nothing Matters

Because we all blacked out after Greg dirty-talked "Florida" into a giant ear.

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