Is 'The Bachelorette's Greg Grippo An Actor Or Just A Man With A Dream?

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Is 'The Bachelorette's Greg Grippo An Actor Or Just A Man With A Dream?

Greg Grippo is currently The Bachelorette's Number One Boy. His biggest "win" on Night 1 was not wearing a cat suit and making out while wearing furry cat paws. But there were other things I liked about him too. (The Dipp's CEO, Kate Ward, listed them off here.) But then I read an unverified DeuxMoi report that suggested Greggy Boy "is a manipulative liar and actor," and someone there for... dun, dun, DUN... the wrong reasons. So me being me... I decided to investigate: Is Greg Grippo an actor? Or is he just a frontrunner? Or is he both?

Well, I don't know if Greg is an actor actor — like the ones that stand up awkwardly at the SAG Awards and say, "I am an actor." — but he certainly has taken courses to further his acting chops. According to a very deep, very dark, and very complicated... six-second scroll on Greg's Instagram, I can confirm he attended the William Esper Studio in New York for two years. That's an acting school and is the same one the DeuxMoi item refers to.

It doesn't seem like Greg is doing much to hide his acting school background. (Or if he is, he's doing a really shitty job of it.) But there are plenty of reasons why someone may go to acting school. Allow me...

  • He's shy and wants to build up confidence by putting himself out there
  • He loves the complicated process of understanding a new character and perspective
  • He considers acting "his art"
  • He wants to become famous

But given the show's history of having contestants come on for fame, attention, and followers, it's certainly fair to wonder if Greg's acting — which he did not mention in the premiere episode (as far as we saw, his job is "Marketing Sales Rep") — is his primary motivation for being on the show. So now, I'm changing my investigation and the focus of this article from "Is Greg an actor," to "Is Greg sus." We love a pivot.

  • Is it sus that Greg didn't mention he has taken acting classes before?
  • Is it sus that Greg doesn't have the acting school on his LinkedIn?
  • Is it sus that Greg was originally cast on Clare's season and was later cut but then came back for Katie's season and then said "I was so happy to find out you were the Bachelorette"?
  • Are the performing arts sus in general?

If you answered yes to any of these things, then yes... Greg may be sus. And I get why your heart may be guarded, my friend. In the past, the show has certainly had its fair share of performers... people who have come on to make a name for themselves. And if that doesn't work, hawk teeth whitening strips on Instagram. (According to Bustle, Arie had a handful of actors on his season, and, I mean, there's no way Victoria on Matt James' season was for real, right?) But does that mean Greg can't be an aspiring actor who also wants to find love? Can two things be true? (I actually don't know, let me know in the comments.)

So is Greg an actor? He may be trying to be! Is Greg sus? Time will tell! But I'll leave you with this thought-provoking question: Would you rather go on a television dating show (strike one right there) and meet someone who dreams of being an actor and has managed to get themselves on TV (goal-achiever), or would you meet someone who genuinely believes you can meet, fall in love with, and propose to a complete stranger you've spent a total of four hours with in less than eight weeks? One of those is more terrifying than the other... pick your poison.

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