‘Summer House’ Star Amanda Batula On Her Current Status With Hannah, Lindsay, & Luke

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‘Summer House’ Star Amanda Batula On Her Current Status With Hannah, Lindsay, & Luke

In an ideal world, I would have chatted with Amanda Batula, star of Bravo’s Summer House, in person, over a cocktail. Amanda would look effortlessly chic and my curls would be brushed out in a try-hard kind of way. But alas, I sat alone in the corner of my cold apartment for my Zoom with Amanda and in my hand was a White Claw I wrapped in a sheet of paper I painted with watercolor. I was trying to make it look like a Loverboy, you guys, because I didn't have one on hand.

Why am I like this? Why am I covering a perfectly fine can with my “art”? I have no idea. I’ve just accepted that this level of try-hard chaos is kind of my brand at this point.

Amanda and I talked about everything during our Zoom together: Her relationship with Hannah, her vibe with Lindsay, her vibe with Luke Bobby, her job, her nickname, how she and Kyle met, the social media backlash, how she handles being on surveillance cameras 24/7, and yeah. We talked about her boobs.

There was so much great stuff, I had to split it up into three parts!

Below, part one of my chat with Amanda. Parts two and three will be coming soon.

Enjoy, my lil Batula Hoopers.

Samantha Bush for The Dipp: I think we have to start with the most burning question of all: What’s the status of your relationship with Hannah? I hate to ask that, but it's honestly like the number one question that people want to know.

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