Luke From 'Summer House' & Justin Bobby Are The Same Person

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Luke From 'Summer House' & Justin Bobby Are The Same Person

If you partake in the Reality Television Arts and Sciences (Brian J. Moylan really needs to trademark that) such as myself (I'm the BravoHistorian, after all) the name Justin Bobby is that of legend. There are few people whose name can trigger an entire generation of girls, gays, and theys quite like Justin Robert Brescia.

Recently, we’ve been introduced to a new Justin Bobby. New Justin Bobby is someone who is of this time. He’s not as out-right fuckboy-ish as JB; he’s much more subtle and shall I say, gaslight-y, but the warning signs and the leather are all there. New Justin Bobby goes by the name Luke Gulbranson.

When we first met Luke on Season 4 of Summer House, he was introduced as a friend of my baby daddy, Carl. Luke was rugged, sexy, Midwestern AF, and had instant chemistry with funny girl cast member Hannah Berner. In Season 4, I honestly thought the only downside to Luke was his tacky bicep tattoo.

Then, Season 5 exposed the truth. After a summer of flirting with Hannah and saying on WWHL that he loves her, he has decided that they are, and always have been, just friends.

Now if I recall correctly, this is a tale as old as time. Justin Bobby did something very similar to Audrina Patridge on Season 3 of The Hills, saying that they just “understand each others' souls” and stuff like, why does it have to be anything if they just enjoy being together? Barf.

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