Tom Sandoval's Hernia Surgery Erasure Is Heartbreaking

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Tom Sandoval's Hernia Surgery Erasure Is Heartbreaking

In mid-March, Tom Sandoval, the number one guy in the group we know as the cast of Vanderpump Rules, posted a video of himself just prior to hernia surgery. In it, he thanked all the people who helped him along the way, in the event he didn't make it off the operating table.

Now, it must be noted that all surgeries are risky, full stop. But it is also fair to say that Tom Sandoval, legend, thanking all the little people in the event he didn't survive hernia surgery is objectively hilarious. It's perfectly T. Sandy: Equal parts earnest, narcissistic, winking and absurd, all of it adding up to a full serving of Sandoval being so very extra. Truly, he knows no other way.

Which is why, as a fan, it's so heartbreaking to know that the only cameras filming Sandoval's hernia surgery are his own. Imagine what Bravo's shady editors could do with footage of Sandoval, again, thanking all the little people in the event he didn't survive hernia surgery. The heart bleeds.

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This hernia surgery erasure is especially frustrating because fans know that Bravo loves a surgery moment. It's not hard to understand why — although, bellowing "WHYYYYYYYYY???" at the TV while watching the gruesome unpacking of a freshly jobbed nose is entirely understandable.

The reason they show it is because we watch it. Writing in the AMA Journal of Ethics, Daniel Sullivan, MDiv and Rod J. Rohrich, MD explained the business behind medical-based reality television programming. "First and foremost," they wrote, "one must recognize that the goal of these programs is to attract large viewing audiences and earn high media ratings, which in turn enable television executives to charge higher advertising rates. Studios in general do not have the well-being of the patients, the doctors, medicine or society as their first goal. If another show or subject were to prove more lucrative, plastic surgery reality shows would be off the air."

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