'Summer House' Recap: We're Sad, But We're Also Mad (At Hannah)

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'Summer House' Recap: We're Sad, But We're Also Mad (At Hannah)

First, let me start by wishing congratulations to Hannah Berner and her boyfriend Des Bishop on their recent engagement. Secondly, let me also state that the timeline is confusing and therefore makes me look at her relationship with Luke Bobby a little differently. I will warn you now, if you are a reader of my recaps, prepare for views to vary drastically from week to week. You never know what will happen the Bravo-universe. Now, let’s get into the episode, which is of course Season 5, Episode 5: "Best Frenemies."

We start off where we left off, which was Carl getting the devastating news about his brother’s passing. One of things that really stuck out to me and showed what a thoughtful man Carl really is, is in the middle of this life changing news, he apologizes to Lindsay for starting her birthday off like this. Which of course he doesn’t have to do, and Lindsay would never expect him to, but it was the fact that he thought to say it.

And then to watch every one in the house go up and hug him and give him their condolences… that broke my heart. I want nothing but good things for my baby daddy Carl.

Then there’s the super real moment when Kyle tells Ciara the news, in the kitchen and you see him break down. You can see how heartbroken he is for his friend. And in that moment, it confirmed that I am officially a Cookie. I love this man. He is probably the most optimistic, upbeat, life-of-the-party person on Bravo, so to see this different side to him really just made me love him more.

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