This Part In The Southern Charm Trailer Was... WILD

BA BA DOO BA BA DEE DEE DEE. The trailer for the much-awaited Southern Charm season is finally here. Thank god. But one thing really stood out to me, that I can't help but dissect and reflect on. So if you guys recall a few years ago, there was a love triangle between Austen, Chelsea and Shep, where Shep took it upon himself to make Austen look bad (which isn't that hard tbh). And now I think Austen is focused on getting his revenge by talking sh*t on Shep to his girlfriend Taylor. He's been waiting for this. Trust me.

But as for the rest of the trailer, it doesn't look that enticing if we are being completely honest here.... it was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ a lot of what they showed we've already known about, and the drama doesn't really seem to be there. We know that Naomie and Paige and Craig all get along. We know Austen and Craig make up. We know Madison gets engaged. I just wasn't feeling it. But I hope they prove me wrong and give us a great juicy season.

What do you guys think????