vibe ~60~

HAHAHAHA DYING you’re so right, that was the worst acting I’ve ever seen

Was this about Diana or Rinna? Bc I actually really liked rinna’s dress lol

I see what you’re saying, but I also see where she’s coming from. I grew up with family not talking about ANY emotions and just having the occasional yelling spell and being definitely didn’t (I’m working on it lol) know how to handle and avoid confrontation. I think acknowledging feelings and facts are helpful for people to see, otherwise your default is avoidant

By the end of rinna’s rant she forgot or didn’t know what she was saying. The skeptical looks on sutton’s and garcelle’s faces ☠️

Rinna on Monday: Sutton, I really like to hurt you, poke fun at you. Maybe it’s bc I think you can take it

Rinna on Tuesday: Sutton, you need to figure out why YOU like to hurt ME

But he looks great in anything and it reminded me of a Bond villain 😂

And when I remember Sutton came on as rinna’s friend…how

I heard that and was cackling, it explains so much

😂😂 right?! I loved this

Me too. She’s so go with the flow and refreshing, and had great one liners. The the whole fox force five bullying her about the threesome convo that was in front of her kids was the beginning of the end… and I don’t blame her for not wanting to put up with their bs