vibe ~95~

😂😂😂 let’s hope so

YES I want to be friends with Adja!! Lol and I thought I liked Victoria at first but that quickly wore off 😂

My guess is that the Craig fans are actually just Paige fans that he’s claiming

I can see them being more of a side thing. Imagine Luke on camera with Karen and gizelle—no way he could hang! They’d roast him and it would just be embarrassing 😂

Hard agree. I miss the fun, which is why I’ll gladly rewatch early seasons and put off watching new episodes of almost every franchise.

RHOP is perfect, and if you’re not watching yet, married to medicine also delivers fun shade! The rest….meh

It was! At least I saw it in theaters lol

The lost city was good! Sandy and Channing were great together. I still consider that a rom com even though it also had a villain (love Daniel Radcliffe) and action

I heard/read a theory that summer house has been boring bc there’s been so much off camera drama that is never explained. I don’t necessarily thing the season is boring but it’s definitely left me with questions—which is also not the best way to edit a show!

I don’t think so! But I do think Kyle has a lot of emotional trauma she hasn’t dealt with

The look on sutton’s face😂😂