Madison LeCroy as a "friend of" is smart

I just learned that Madison LeCroy is a "friend of" on Southern Charm season 8 -- she's not a full-time cast member. When I saw the cast photo yesterday I thought she was in it, but turns out Austen Kroll's new girlfriend Olivia looks just like Madison, and she's in the cast photo, hence my confusion.

Madison is obviously happy now and engaged and they just bought a home in Charleston. Shep Rose and Austen joked on the red carpet yesterday that she keeps him away from the show... maybe that's why she's not full-time: she didn't want to share her relationship on TV (smart lady) and thus, was "demoted" or chose a "lesser role."

Madison was always one of the smarter, if not messier ones in the group, and while I'll miss the absolute chaos bombs she drops, I gotta respect her decision to keep her private life private. I wonder if she took advice from Cameran...