SATC & Music

I think we can all agree there are some shows with great music – Mad Men, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, The Sopranos, Insecure, even Succession, are all shows I think of that mastered the needle drop. As much as I love Sex and the City, I never really think about it as a show with great music. But after hearing Diana Ross’ Love Hangover in a season 2 episode, I couldn’t help but wonder…is Sex and the City a show with great music? I think it might be!

Here are some musical moments from the show I really love:

The Way We Were (Barbra Streisand) – ok my first entry is technically a cheat as it’s not a needle drop, but is there anything better than Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte singing the classic ballad to Samantha? It has the easy chemistry we come to the show for and the underlying thesis that men are no good. Is it good to categorize people as us (curly girls) and them (straight-haired girls)? No. Is it honest? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Moon River (Andy Williams) – The song that in some ways define Carrie and Big’s love affair, it’s romantic; lush; and a little mournful, almost as if they already nostalgic for something they’ve lost. I wanted nothing more than a reprise of this song in And Just Like That. In my dream of dreams, we hear the great Frank Ocean version. Maybe it’s coming in season 2?

Got to Be Real (Cheryl Lynn): Is there any better moment than Carrie prancing around her apartment in the jeweled undies to this classic? It’s so joyous the camera can’t even cut to black as it should. I dare you not to “strut” around when this comes on! Also, please go look up the amazing Patti LaBelle-Mariah Carey cover. It’s vocal joy!

La belle et le bad boy (MC Solaar) – if you’re wondering what song that is, it’s the French rap song that plays during Carrie’s time in Paris in season 6. It’s a bold choice for the show and it works beautifully – as disorienting to us the audience as Carrie must feel. Also shout-out to the fact that I have more than once heard this song while drunk out of my mind at a gay bar. It brought me comfort and made me feel at home.

What are your favorite SATC music moments? Favorite shows with great soundtracks? Or songs that just remind you of the girlies.