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What Streaming Service Is Right For "Geriatric Millennials"?
If you’re a "geriatric millennial" like me, you remember the good old days of feeling the excitement of receiving that Netflix DVD in the mail.
Melissa Lacks Friedman
Lauren Conrad Is Not The Villain Of Her Story
The thirst for nostalgia is real.
Kelli Williams
Here's Everything The 'Younger' Cast Has Said About A 'Younger' Musical
The Younger cast is littered with musical talent, and yet all we really got in its seven season run was a couple nights at Marie's Crisis.
Allison Piwowarski
Nico Tortorella On Their Josh Spinoff Idea, Featuring Phoebe Dynevor
Now that the Younger series finale has aired, it's time to talk about what's next.
Jennifer Vineyard
Nico Tortorella Shares Their Thoughts On The 'Younger' Series Finale
After seven seasons, the Younger series finale took us full circle on us, bringing us back to Liza at a bar, trying to catch a bartender’s attention with her shoe and running into… Josh.
Jennifer Vineyard
Peter Hermann On 'Younger' The Musical: "I'd Be So Game"
When we talked to Younger author Pamela Redmond last summer, she told us that there's a world in which Younger could come to Broadway.
Jennifer Vineyard
Peter Hermann On Wife Mariska Hargitay Guest-Starring On 'Younger': "We Did Talk About It"
Although Liza's lie on Younger was illegal (identity fraud is no joke) the biggest crime committed on the show is probably the Diana erasure in Season 7. However, in the criminal justice system neither crime would be considered especially heinous…
Jennifer Vineyard
Peter Hermann And I Get Really Deep About The Meaning Of Love
Traditional rom-coms present us with a series of entertaining bumps in relationships, usually with engagement or marriage being an endgame.
Jennifer Vineyard
Filming 'Younger' Was Really, Really Hard
Younger was slated to start production of its seventh and final season in New York last March.
Jennifer Vineyard
Debi Mazar & Molly Bernard Tell Us What They'd Want From A Spin-Off
The final season of Younger is upon us. After six seasons on TV Land, the show has found a home on Paramount + and on Thursday, April 15, the first four episodes will drop, with the remaining eight dropping weekly on Thursdays.
Jennifer Vineyard