Peter Hermann On Wife Mariska Hargitay Guest-Starring On 'Younger': "We Did Talk About It"

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Peter Hermann On Wife Mariska Hargitay Guest-Starring On 'Younger': "We Did Talk About It"

Although Liza's lie on Younger was illegal (identity fraud is no joke) the biggest crime committed on the show is probably the Diana erasure in Season 7. However, in the criminal justice system neither crime would be considered especially heinous and neither would require an elite detective in the Special Victims Unit to investigate. That said! A Younger and Law & Order: SVU crossover was considered...

The Dipp spoke with star Peter Hermann about the potential that his wife — Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay — could guest star on an episode.

Here's what he said.

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The Dipp: Over the years, people have asked you whether or not you could get Mariska to guest on Younger. You seemed down for that, too, but…

PH: The super corny, 17-years-married answer is that she’s there with me every day. We did talk about it. We joked about it. But then I was like, “All right. Here’s my wife. And she works 27 hours a day on Law & Order: SVU. And she is an executive producer. And she directs. And she chases our kids around.” And I think the most responsible thing that a husband can do at that point is not to ask, “Hey, come be on my show.”

But every time she, Darren Star, and I were together, we talked about this idea of some sort of crime being committed at the Empirical office, and she busts in and slaps the handcuffs on somebody. But maybe it was good that it didn’t happen, considering the conversations about policing now. Maybe it would be better for her to just come into the office and take a police report. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

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