The 'Younger' Season 7 Trailer Has Way Too Little Diana Trout

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The 'Younger' Season 7 Trailer Has Way Too Little Diana Trout

It's a brand new day at Millennial in the Younger Season 7 trailer. Liza is engaged — maybe? — Kelsea is pondering her future, and Lauren is, well, providing her trademark commentary. Meanwhile, Maggie is meeting someone new, Diana is MIA, and Quinn is making a move for Charles. It'd be almost too much, if it wasn't the show's final season.

If Younger is going to go out, you can bet it'll be with a bang. Or at least with a few broken hearts and publishing betrayals. But, before we get to the trailer, I have to warn you, dear reader, that there is a shocking lack of Diana Trout in this video. The queen of the statement necklace appears only once via video call, and, sadly, it's foreshadowing her presence in the season at large.

A few weeks ago, it was confirmed that actor Miriam Shor isn't returning as a series regular, nor is Charles Michael David, who plays Zane, due to COVID-19 related scheduling issues. It's unclear how many episodes they'll actually be in, though TV Line reported that they would both be recurring, which suggests two episodes at the very least.

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In non-Diana news, it looks like the season will pick up right where Season 6 left off, with Liza contemplating Charles' proposal, and what it means for her relationship with Josh. (Personally, I'm Team Charles and I will NOT be shamed for it.) Meanwhile, Kelsey is second guessing her career and her alliance with Quinn. And for good reason, because Quinn is definitely making some suspect moves in this trailer. The teaser also gives fans a glimpse at Josh's dad life, including an appearance by his baby mama, Clare (aka Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor), and the return of Kelsey and Liza's sometimes rival Redmond.

The first four episodes of Younger Season 7 premiere on Paramount+ on April 15.

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