vibe ~351~

1/2 of @bravowhileblack

That was weird for Sheree, normally she has it together.

Omg I forgot Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow... If I did top 12 they would've made it.

I love Gizzys daughters.. *In my Teresa Giudice voice*

I completely agree, I like Lala but I feel it would be more beneficial to bring back VPR instead.. That way everyone wins.

LOL. We shall see.. What I will say is that I would like another Lala and James Kennedy collab.

This is a hot take, I did not expect Pringle.. I love these answers!

Lol imagine it being fake and Bravo still doesn't give them another season.. I would laugh so hard!

That was a great episode, thank you for joining me and keeping me entertained this whole live chat! Yall are the best!!

This mid season trailer is everything!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!

It's official.. I no longer like Lindsay.