'Younger' Star Peter Hermann Teaches Us A Lesson About Love, Marriage, And Commitment

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'Younger' Star Peter Hermann Teaches Us A Lesson About Love, Marriage, And Commitment

Traditional rom-coms present us with a series of entertaining bumps in relationships, usually with engagement or marriage being an endgame. Younger takes a different tack. Here, our two lovers – both divorced or divorcing – have conflicting desires for the future. Charles wants Liza to marry him, but Liza wants them to stay “happily unmarried” – to build a new life together outside of the institution of marriage. She has her reasons, of course, which date back to the catalyst for the whole series.

Her ex-husband David, his gambling problem, the debts and damage it inflicted, the workforce she found almost impossible to rejoin, until she started lying about her age… Can you blame Liza for rethinking how she’d want to build a healthy relationship?

Unfortunately, Younger’s Charles – unlike Four Weddings and a Funeral’s Charles, who saw good reason to ask his beloved to agree to not marry him – is a little more rigid. Despite experiencing a traumatic end of his very traditional marriage, Charles hasn’t done a lot of thinking about his life choices. The ink on his divorce papers isn’t even dry, yet he wants to rush back into wedlock, without having much of an actual conversation about the subject and what it would involve. (Pro tip, Charles – presenting a proposal as an ultimatum, being unwilling to compromise, and then rubbing your totally inappropriate rebound in your ex’s face at work are all bad looks.)

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