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Entourage is the show we all collectively agreed never existed, right?

Gather 'round, youths. Let me tell you about a little show called Entourage. You see, in the mid-2000s there was an HBO comedy that was basically if cans of Axe body spray became sentient and said things like, "Hug it out, bitch." The show ran for a whopping eight seasons and was loosely based on the life of Mark Wahlberg before he became famous. (But made sure to leave out any of those pesky hate crimes! Go ahead, look them up!)

The California bro show (starring Adrian Grenier as "movie star" Vincent Chase and his gaggle of pals) was the embodiment of sexism and homophobia, and it was *wildly* popular. Like, if you hung out at someone's house, there was a good chance they had the DVDs. It was a critical hit during most of its run and it was nominated for 26 Emmys, with Jeremy Piven taking home three of them for screaming ethnic slurs at his assistant.

But unless you're an elder Millennial like me, there's a good chance you've never watched it, let alone heard of it. Unlike other HBO shows from that era like The Sopranos and Sex and the City (which are still churning out iterations of shows and movies), Entourage is the thing we all pretend never happened. It's so dated and embarrassing and why on Earth did any of us care for so damn long about the making of the fictional Medellin?!

Is Entourage the ultimate example of pop culture shunning? Or is there another show that we all watched and collectively swept under the rug so well that I've already forgotten about it?

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Hacks has been renewed for a third season!

PHEW! While the second season finale of Hacks would have wrapped things up pretty nicely if it had been the series finale, the comedy is coming back for a third season:

Honestly I love this show so much and I feel like all the characters are evolving so much and I wasn't at all ready to say goodbye. I can't wait to see what this new chapter brings. Anyone else as happy as me about this news?

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