~ HBO ~

Somebody Somewhere is the most slept-on show on TV

I know that everyone is obsessed with the (admittedly, sexier and flashier) HBO lead-in, Euphoria, but I cannot be the only one head over heels in love with the down-to-Earth dramedy Somebody Somewhere. It's as funny as it is touching and it's a world I truly love being in. I always feel a little sad when an episode is over. (It reminds me of how I felt watching another HBO treasure, the short-lived and brilliant Enlightened.)

Sam and Joel's friendship is so authentic and effortless and the family dynamics are just as powerful and, at times, totally hilarious. Plus, now there's a really cute dog in the mix! I was so glad to hear it already got picked up for a second season, so I hope it gains even more traction and word of mouth makes it the hit it deserves to be. Is anyone else as into this gem of a series as I am?