Katie and Tom split?

So I've been seeing this U.S. Sun article floating around that says Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney have split because she felt like he didn't step up as a husband.. Which from watching the show I can 100% confirm that he hasn't changed one bit. To be fair Katie hasn't changed all that much either, but I think growth is impossible in this relationship. We made a post about it on our @BravoWhileBlack Instagram account and most people agreed that this split will be good for the both of them. I'm not one to be excited about a couple breaking up.. but with these 2 people It's a sigh of relief... Ok wait I did get excited about James and Raquel breaking up but can you blame me?!!

Anyway, I wanted to bring this conversation to our BWB Community and also ask a few questions..

• Do you think this is the end of "The Bubbas" AKA Tom and Katie?

• Do you think this split will make Bravo want to greenlight another season of VPR?

•What Bravolebrity/ Celebrity would you like to see Katie Maloney with?

I look forward to seeing all of your responses, Happy Tuesday!