I Watched Brendan's 7 Minute Apology So You Don't Have To
When I woke up on this overcast Friday, I was excited to have a chill morning: eat my waffles, sip my coffee, catch up on deuxmoi, and see what Bachelor Nation was up to.
Allison Hunt
Who Is The New Bachelor Clayton Echard Besides A Former Freestyle Rapper?
While not confirmed, Variety and E! Online are both reporting that The Bachelor has found its new lead among the cast of Michelle Young's Bachelorette season.
Allison Piwowarski
When Does The Senior Bachelor Premiere?
While you're waiting to find out which rando from Michelle's season of The Bachelorette will become the next Bachelor, I'm sitting here waiting for the much-anticipated, highly-teased Senior Bachelor to premiere with my cup of tea, my many cats, and…
Allison Hunt
Brendan's Acting Reel Is Necessary Post-'BIP' Viewing
Bachelor Nation, it has come to my attention that our very own Brendan Morais, Mr. "Here for the wrong reasons," betrayer of Natasha and our hearts, is a wannabe actor.
Olivia Truffaut-Wong
These Screenshots Show The Exact Moment Dr. Joe Turned On Natasha
It's the phrase that reverberates through frat halls across the nation: bros before hoes.
Kate Ward
The GIANT Margarita Glasses Were Almost Enough To Save Natasha & Dr. Joe
Brendan and Pieper were sent home, and then a giant margarita glass took Natasha out on a date, while Dr. Joe watched. Pretty sure that's what happened on Tuesday night's Bachelor In Paradise?
Lindsay Mannering
Wait, Are Kendall & Ivan Together On 'Bachelor In Paradise'?
Kendall and Ivan kissing on a beach.
Allison Piwowarski
Birthdays Are Absolutely Cursed On 'Bachelor In Paradise'
"Last year, I got COVID on my birthday, and this is 10 times worse."
Kate Ward
The End Of The Brendan & Pieper Show Is Coming
Your time has come, Brendan and Pieper.
Caitlin Gallagher
Who Is Grocery Store Joe Without The Grocery Store — Just Joe?
Grocery Store Joe may as well be the legal name of Joe Amabile, since that is what Bachelor Nation knows him best as.
Allison Hunt