Unpacking Noah’s Evil Plan To Get Tayshia Time On ‘The Bachelorette’
Yep, as it turns out, Noah — the 25-year-old registered travel nurse from Oklahoma and the youngest of the bunch — is actually a strategic mastermind.
Chelsea Duff
The Battle Of The ‘Bachelorette’ Man Child
In case you haven’t heard by now, Tayshia Adams is using her time as the Bachelorette to look for a grown-ass man.
Chelsea Duff
‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Ghosts? The More The Merrier!
Read on for my definitive list of ghosts that Mer needs to go full Haley Joel Osment with before this season ends.
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All The Behind-The-Scenes Details About That 'Grey's Moment
As if it weren't emotionally taxing enough to watch a two-hour season premiere focused almost entirely on COVID, Grey's Anatomy hit us smack dab with an unexpected whopper: the McReturn of McDreamy himself, Derek Shepherd, a.k.a. Patrick Dempsey…
Kate Ward
Ranking The Most Romantic Bachelor Nation Proposals
Bachelor Nation is hardly new to a whirlwind romance.
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Share Their Favorite Episodes
Grey's Anatomy is adding on to its 363 episodes, 16 seasons, and 15 years of television with the two-hour Season 17 premiere on Nov.
Caitlin Gallagher
Tayshia Almost Pulled A Clare On Her First Night Of 'The Bachelorette'
On Tuesday, November 10, we got our first, full episode featuring Tayshia Adams as the lead on The Bachelorette.
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Why You'll See 'Grey's Anatomy' Flashbacks During Its Premiere
Good thing television is a creative medium.
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In Conversation With The 'Grey's Actor Who Made Show History
Journey with me, Grey’s Anatomy fans, and let’s flash back to the end of Season 15 in the spring of 2019: Amelia and Link secretly sleep together in San Diego, Jo searches for her biological mother in Pittsburgh, Meredith finds her zen in Maggie’s…
Julia Barnett
Adding Up Dale’s Screen Time On ‘The Bachelorette’
Welcome to The Dale Show, a new spin-off series from the creators of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.
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