Amelia Shepherd's Queer Storylines Need More Screen Time

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Amelia Shepherd's Queer Storylines Need More Screen Time

It's easy to forget Amelia Shepherd identifies as bisexual on Grey's Anatomy since she's always wrapped up in relationships and flings with men. However, if you recall from Season 16, Amelia casually came out when she confessed her crush to Carina DeLuca and then proceeded to ask her for a threesome.

Sadly, nothing happened between Amelia and Carina, but a couple years later, we're starting to see some action: Season 18 is giving Amelia the queer relationship the LGBTQ+ community has been rooting for.

Despite her very recent split with Atticus "Link" Lincoln, Amelia's already exchanging flirtatious looks and vibes with the sexy new nonbinary character Dr. Kai Bartley, portrayed by E.R. Fightmaster.

Let's just take a moment here to applaud the writers for seamlessly including Dr. Bartley's pronouns (they/them) into the dialogue without having a grand explanation! 👏👏👏

Even though Dr. Bartley lives in Minnesota, the two are still able to share their attraction virtually. Dr. Bartley even guided Amelia through a sensual meditation to try and cool her down from the Seattle heatwave. But by the looks of it, it only made Amelia hotter.

The two haven't had many opportunities to act on their attraction yet, but they might get their moment soon enough; it looks like Amelia and Meredith Grey are heading back to Minnesota.

A full-blown relationship between Amelia and Dr. Bartley isn't necessarily in the cards: Fightmaster is currently only listed as a "recurring" character on the series; they're not full-time. Amelia and Dr. Bartley's time together is likely to be only a fleeting attraction, similar to Amelia's time with Carina, unless the writers choose to make Dr. Bartley a series regular.

So, let this be a plea – a shout into the void – keep Amelia's queer storyline going!


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