What The Women Of Clayton's 'Bachelor' Season Could Learn From Katie's Cast

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What The Women Of Clayton's 'Bachelor' Season Could Learn From Katie's Cast

For years, Bachelor and Bachelorette fans have been begging the contestants to do one thing when it comes to villains: team the eff up. Instead of one person taking the lead aside and warning him or her about a villain or letting the lead be repeatedly convinced by the villain that they aren't a villain, the contestants should come together and all tell the Bachelor or Bachelorette the truth about what is happening when they aren't around.

Finally, during Katie's Bachelorette season last year, we made some real progress on this front. The men got villains Karl and Thomas sent home by forming together as a group to let Katie know that they did not approve of their actions. In fact, one contestant, Aaron, became known as the "union leader" by Bachelor Nation.

But, alas, the lessons of Katie's season did not carry over. For three weeks, Shanae has taken her place as the villain with pride. This week, she finally took down her nemesis Elizabeth, and she continued to make shrimp the symbol of her war against her rivals. Now, she's moved on to a battle focused on Sierra and Genevieve that, as the preview shows, will lead to a Genevieve vs. Shanae two-on-one date.

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Nearly all of the other women in the house have been shown voicing their issues with Shanae — namely, that she's purposefully trying to be a villain and take them all down. But, they haven't all come together to tell Clayton this. Some of them even discussed speaking to Clayton as a group as a possibility, but it didn't come to fruition. In a conversation between Genevieve, Sierra, and Gabby, Sierra — ready to be this season's union leader — says she'd talk to Clayton immediately to warn him about Shanae. Meanwhile, Gabby is more apprehensive. "If something comes up during the day, we could say something to him at night," she suggests.

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