What's Serene Been Up To Since 'The Bachelor'?

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What's Serene Been Up To Since 'The Bachelor'?

And we're off to hometowns with not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 true frontrunners. I really think it's anyones game at this point. Not that love's a game, but you know what I mean.

If I had to put money on it, though, I would say that Serene goes home tonight. I think Gabby and Rachel are the final two after a thorough investigation of the trailers, and after Susie's date, I bet she's a close third. It's all very close, since we already know Clayton fell in love with his top 3 women.

So what's Serene been up to anyway? Let's take a look at her social media and find out!

She's been celebrating friends!

[rich Embed]

She can be seen here at her friend's baby shower. That light up "THEO" is next level.

She's making TikToks


“brown eyes are sunlight through a bottle of whiskey” ♬ Hilltop Road by Lake Isabel - lakeisabelmusic

TBH I'm loving the content. She has less than 500 followers, so get in early.

She's been podcasting

[rich Embed]

...or at least on a podcast, but it's only a matter of time 🤣. Serene was recently on the Talking It Out podcast talking all things life and The Bachelor.

She's back to teaching!

[rich Embed]

Serene is still teaching! On the Talk It Out podcast she had just gotten out of class and said that she teaches second grade and they are learning "subtraction and regrouping."

She's modeling

[rich Embed]

Like, an actual model. Not like, an "influencer" model. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I make my friends take pictures of me all the time, but it is an important clarification.

She's flying on PJs?

[rich Embed]

Ok maybe this is a modeling picture, but DAMN GIRL.

She's out here spreading positivity.

She has a whole highlight section for "words+sounds" spreading positivity and bops on her saved IG Stories.

She's hanging with her cat.


♬ original sound - AussieClips_

We stan cat moms.

This is one busy lady. If I'm right and she doesn't end up with Clayton, it's a good thing that she gets summers off from teaching for Paradise.

Images: Instagram- @serenebrookrussell, ABC

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