What's Shanae Doing After 'The Bachelor'? Yes, Shrimp Is On The Itinerary

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What's Shanae Doing After 'The Bachelor'? Yes, Shrimp Is On The Itinerary

The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss posited recently that Bachelor villain Shanae of Clayton's season is simply misunderstood. But when you check out what Shanae is doing after The Bachelor, you can't come to that conclusion. Based on her sparse social media updates, Shanae seems to be thriving off the drama, most notably #shrimpgate. And what else she's up to is kind of a mystery.

Although why Shanae is doing the things she's doing is puzzling, I don't think anyone would go as far as to say that Shanae is a mysterious figure on The Bachelor. Especially when she flat-out announces things like, "Oh my God, he believed me. I have him, trust me, I know I have him ... I was good. Like, I was good. Holy [expletive], I was good. I didn't mean to cry, but I cried," to the cameras after shit-talking Elizabeth to Clayton.

But her social media isn't full of illuminating updates on her life since filming The Bachelor in fall of 2021... she hasn't changed jobs, she's only recently posted on TikTok for the first time in 10 months, etc. She did make a public post about being on The Bachelor on Facebook where she's gotten a lot of hate in the comments for her behavior on the show. (Angry commenters have also taken to her Instagram and TikTok, but she doesn't appear to reply.) So let's see what there is to find about what Shanae's been doing since her time on The Bachelor ended.

She Got Baptized

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The biggest life update is that Shanae got baptized in the Christian faith in November 2021. I'll graciously give you a minute to process that the villain of this season, who targeted Elizabeth by announcing she has ADHD to the group, promptly got baptized after The Bachelor wrapped filming. But indeed she did at the Rock City Church in Ohio.

She Decked The Halls

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Keeping with her religious theme, she shared a selfie on Instagram in front of her Christmas tree with a "Jesus is the reason for the season" ornament... while sipping a High Noon alcoholic seltzer. Shanae continues to confound.

She Celebrated Her Friend's Engagement

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On Jan 22., she posted in honor of her friends getting engaged. And based on the comments, she'll probably be busy this year as a member of the bridal party. OK, I can get behind this! As for other social-based posts since filming wrapped, she shared a picture hugging a pal at a bowling alley and getting dressed up for a formal event.

She Made Shrimp

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Welp, here's Shanae embracing her Bachelor antics. After eating shrimp that Elizabeth prepared in Week 3 and causing crustacean chaos, Shanae didn't steer away from the shellfish. She seemed to delight in making shrimp in a TikTok video that she also posted to Instagram. If Bachelor fame doesn't do it for her, perhaps she can move on to cooking videos.

She's Planning Big Plans

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In her most recent Instagram post ahead of the Week 4 episode, she simply wrote, "I got some big, big plans," with the eyes emoji. It's unclear if this is a preview for the episode or if she means in life. But considering there's no way she makes it to the end of Clayton's season, I'm thinking life.

If Shanae posts any updates about those "big, big plans" or her meal planning beyond shrimp as the season continues, I'll update this post. But for now, it seems Shanae is sticking with just being Shanae.

Image: John Fleenor/ABC

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