Just A Number? Evaluating '90 Day's Most Memorable Age Gap Couples

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Just A Number? Evaluating '90 Day's Most Memorable Age Gap Couples

90 Day Fiancé is known for their often mismatched couples, especially when it comes to language (Season 7’s Anna and Mursel), culture (Season 4’s Nicole and Azan), and religion (Brittany and Yazan from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 2). Some of the most stark differences, however, come from the age gaps that are often on display. While it’s not always a recipe for disaster — after all, Mark and Nikki from Season 3 of the show had a record 39 year age difference, and they’re still together as far as anyone knows — it leads to some serious issues more often than not.

So who clashed, and who made it work? I took a look back at some of the most memorable age gap couples from the TLC franchise and checked in with where they are today.

Evelyn and David — 9 Year Difference

While their nine-year age difference isn’t actually that jarring (and we wouldn’t bat an eye if they were 28 and 37), the fact that Season 5’s Evelyn was only 18 when they planned to tie the knot set off alarm bells for more than a few viewers. It didn’t help that she was the youngest star to ever appear on the show who wasn’t someone’s kid, sibling, or friend — but the fact that she and her husband-to-be appeared to share similar religious and romantic convictions actually helped set them back on equal footing. Both had agreed to wait for marriage to have sex, and that meant (for the most part, at least) that no one was getting unfairly taken advantage of. These two went on to tie the knot, and they’re still together today.

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