Does Kenny Speak Any Spanish? Investigating The ‘90 Day’ Star’s Bilingual Vocabulary

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Does Kenny Speak Any Spanish? Investigating The ‘90 Day’ Star’s Bilingual Vocabulary

Here’s the thing about the Americans on 90 Day Fiancé: They all seem to assume their foreign-born partners will learn (or already speak) their language, English, whether they’re on Before the 90 Days, The Other Way, or Happily Ever After. Unfortunately, even the seemingly healthy couples often fall into this trap — like Kenneth “Kenny” Niedermeier did in his relationship with Armando Rubio. Though he’s the one that agreed to uproot his whole life and move to a new country, he didn’t bother to familiarize himself with the language or the culture he’d be joining when he started his new life in Mexico.

The issue pretty much flew under the radar for the first half of Season 2, but it was more apparent than ever during the Sunday, October 25, episode of the TLC show. After weeks of build up, the newly-engaged fiancés where finally bringing Armando’s daughter, Hannah, back home so they could become a family of three. But as sweet as that moment was, it also revealed that Kenny had stepped into a role where he was expecting to coparent someone he couldn’t even communicate with. As the trio drove across the country from Armando’s parents’ house to their new apartment, that fact finally started to sink in for the soon-to-be step-father.

“I should’ve learned more Spanish than what I know, which is about nothing, but I honestly didn’t realize the impact it would have not knowing the language,” Kenny admitted in a confessional. “I thought I could skate by.”

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