Ranking The Best & Worst Outfits On '90 Day’s ‘Pillow Talk’

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Ranking The Best & Worst Outfits On '90 Day’s ‘Pillow Talk’

There are no bigger 90 Day Fiancé fans than the stars of the franchise themselves, and the proof is in TLC's Pillow Talk. Each week, some of your favorite 90 Day alumni slip into a pair of PJs, hop into bed or onto the couch, and flick on the TV to catch up with the latest season. I love watching along, but lately there's something more than just their snark and silliness that has caught my eye.

Can we talk about the apparel? As quarantine stretches on and many of us continue working from home, I'm always on the lookout for new comfy clothes, and there's no better outfit inspo than the than the pajamas on Pillow Talk. In honor of that inarguable fact, I decided to go through the latest season and break down the best and worst loungewear looks.

Danielle and Beth

Danielle Jbali and Beth Maher only rocked one look during the season, but they committed to those slouchy sweats and tees. They don't get a lot of points for style, but you have to respect the commitment to dressing down for a night of kicking your feet up. Unfortunately, they also lost some bonus points for not lighting the candle on the coffee table. Maximum comfiness was not achieved.

I give this look 4 out of 10 slippers.

David and Annie

First up, we've got what I've dubbed David and Annie Toborowsky's colorful couture. I'm loving how Annie paired what looks like a floral short and tank top set with a belted purple robe, and David is bringing some it-factor with his turquoise T-shirt. Unfortunately, he loses points for wearing his watch — not cozy.

I give this look 5 out of 10 slippers.

The couple's earth-toned ensemble steps things up a level. Annie's silky wrap and David's heather green shirt both look soft AF, and we love how Annie has pulled a pillow into her lap for extra cuddle action. David is still wearing that watch, and I'm beginning to wonder if maybe he really does keep it on all of the time.

8/10 slippers.

On one level, I love Annie's pajama-professional look because it is the perfect get up for hopping on a Zoom call while you're still in bed. On the other hand, I'm not trying to wear a collared shirt, even if it is made out of PJ material. As for David, he's holding steady with his regular wardrobe of sweatpants, socks and a tee, but once again rocking a gold watch to bed just brings down the vibe.

4/10 slippers.

First, I've got to give David kudos for having such a mix-and-match multitude of cozy clothes that he can do the same outfit as before but flip the color scheme. He's still wearing that watch, though, and now I really am ready to believe that he just never takes it off. Good for him if that's the case, but it couldn't be me. As for Annie, this is one of her stronger looks. Sure, the top has another color, but it still looks light and breathable, and adding a blanket automatically elevates the look.

7/10 slippers.

Loren and Alex

Loren and Alex Brovarnik are one of my favorite couples from the franchise, and they're just as cuddly-cute as you'd expect on Pillow Talk. Their bedroom set up is so soothing to look at, and I want to steal pretty much this whole set up for myself. Loren's cardigan, tank and leggings can be my new go-to, and I'm also down to grab a pair of Alex's green joggers.

I give this look 7 out of 10 slippers.

Isn't it interesting how the right outfit can totally change the mood? Loren's purple top paired with Alex's ocher tee and a vase full of red flowers on the night table brings the whole room to life. This look is cozy without being sleepy.

7/10 slippers.

These looks are even better. I love how Loren took temperature control into consideration by pairing a loose sweater with some shorts. Both Alex's pants and top look soft and snuggly.

8/10 slippers.

They didn't stop there, though. Loren brought that blanket into the mix, earning her an Alex one extra slipper.

It's a 9/10, folks.

Molly and Cynthia

I don't know about you, but I'm wary of wedgies on days when I'm just lounging around the house, which makes a jumpsuit — no matter if it's made out of jersey material — seem like a dangerous pick. That said, Molly Hopkins looks happy enough in hers. A leather bracelet also doesn't seem particularly cozy.

As for her BFF, Cynthia Decker, you've got to give credit where credit is due to a statement piece like those wine glass PJ pants. The straps on the tank top look a little too snug in the name of support, but considering these ladies are the bra aficionados, I'll trust that they know what they're doing.

I give this look 5 out of 10 slippers.

Looks like Cynthia may have been a bigger fan of that jumpsuit than I was! For a BFF borrowing moment, I've got to give extra points, and Molly's magic pants are too sweet. I also love that their coffee table is scattered with crafts and a sleeping mask, making it look like they really are just enjoying a cozy night at home.

6/10 slippers.

Can I just say we're obsessed with Molly's matching set? There's no easier way to add some swagger to your style than a perfectly paired top and bottom that you don't even have to think about accessorizing. The cat-print on Cynthia pants are also precious, and I like that both stars pared down their accessories for maximum ability to hop right into bed.

7/10 slippers.

Matching wine glasses, statement pants, and fuzzy socks means this look takes the cake. I've gotta give these ensembles high marks.

9/10 slippers, baby.

Tim and Veronica

Right off the bat, I have to give Tim Malcolm and Veronica Rodriguez bonus points for maintaining a friendship with an ex, which is the ultimate well-loved sweatshirt of relationships. Unfortunately, what I'm not trying to do in quarantine is hit up our exes, so they also lose those points immediately. As for their outfits, I dig Veronica's leggings and sweatshirt, and I especially love that lavender color. Tim's sweatpants look like the ultimate pair, but his hoodie loses points for being a zip-up. Have you ever woken up with a zipper print impression on your face? Yeah, it's not cute.

I give this look 6 out of 10 slippers.

However, for throwing on a pair of collagen under-eye patches, I've gotta boost their rating.

8/10 slippers.

Russ and Paola

Paola Mayfield always looks pretty as a peach, which is what tempts me to rate this look higher than I might. But when I take into account the fact that this romper comes with a risky of wedgie and requires a bra underneath, I just can't give it full marks. As for Russ Mayfield, I want to give a shout out to the design on his tee, which brings a little tropical fun to an otherwise bland look.

I give this look 5 out of 10 slippers.

This is a little more like it. Grey sweatpants may be everyone's snuggly staple, but when you match them with your SO they get an extra style boost. It also looks like Paola is rocking a tank top alone without having to worry about any pesky bra straps. And the fact that they've actually lit the candles in their room, adding to the ambiance? It's a whole mood.

8/10 slippers.

Tarik and Dean

Tarik and Dean Hashim are the kings of whipping out sweats with something to say. Their closets aren't just full of the basics, they've got looks with plenty of personality. Unfortunately, that means they also love to accessorize — and I just can't get behind wearing a gold bangle to bed.

I give this look 5 out of 10 slippers.

Dean's still rocking that bangle and bracelet, which brings the cozy factor down. But I have to admit that I love a short-sleeved sweatshirt, and Tarik is pulling his off. That necklace may be a little large for overnight wear, but it adds a great pop of color.

6/10 slippers.

A basketball in bed? Dean, baby, what are you doing? These pajama pants also lose points for looking so stiff and wrinkled. I don't need these brothers to be ironing their pants before hopping into bed, but it does tell me that the material wouldn't be sweatshirt soft against my skin.

4/10 slippers.

This outfit has a lot of the same problems as the ones that came before: too much jewelry on everyone. That said, I am totally vibing with Dean's monochrome-but-mix-it-up color scheme, and Tarik delivered that same mood with his shades of grey garments plus a pop of red.

Another 6/10 slippers.

Here's the thing, though: Add in a delicious looking pie and suddenly I have no complaints.

10/10, boys. 10/10.

Images: TLC Screenshots

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