Want A Cameo From A ‘90 Day’ Star? Here’s What You Can Get For Your Money

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Want A Cameo From A ‘90 Day’ Star? Here’s What You Can Get For Your Money

Are Instagram sponsorships just not what they used to be? Lately, it seems like every single 90 Day Fiancé star has joined Cameo, and they’re more than happy to record personalized messages for fans for a small (or absolutely enormous) fee.

But with so many to choose from (seriously, you’ve got like 70 options between all the Before the 90 Days, The Other Way, and Happily Ever After? stars), it can be hard to know which TLC personality will give you the most bang for your buck. So who’s worth your cash — and who’s only worth your coins? We’re breaking it all down.

The Big Spenders

Got money to burn and Cameos to send? This elite group of Cameo talent isn't for the faint of heart or small budget. Consider these videos an investment, something you'll carry with you through life and potentially bequeath to your grandchildren.

Jorge Nava

Jorge may be one of the most infamous 90 Day Fiancé stars, which is probably why he’s asking a whopping $150 for each video. With each celebrity setting their own price, he’s decided he should be paid and paid well for his time — and we’ve gotta respect it. But what does that much money really get you? Well, with Jorge, it’ll get you a short (but delightfully weird) little clip. If you’re Jorge’s number one fan and you’ve got the cash, I say you’ll find yourself a pretty happy customer. But if he’s not the one for you, well, you’re better off spending your dough elsewhere.

Darcey and Stacey Silva

The twin sisters are asking for $120 for a video from the two of them (a whole $5 discount compared to getting one video from each! Wow! What savings!). Their chemistry is always fun to watch, but they do tend to talk over each other and get a little chatty about their own lives. They’re a little crazy, but that’s what fans love about them, right? If you’re looking to pretend like you’re part of the conversation and yet can’t get a word in edgewise, purchasing a video from these sisters might be the perfect fit.

Nicole Nafziger

Nicole Nafziger also prizes her time pretty highly. If you want a video from her, it’ll run you a cool $100. She’s a real sweetheart, and she’s ready to send you a heartfelt notice that might even feature a cameo within a Cameo from daughter May. Her videos can run on the long side, so she’s definitely giving you every minute she can for the money. That said, she doesn’t seem to have made a new one in a while, and she only has 27 reviews total as of the time of publication, so if you want a pro, look elsewhere.

The Cameo Kings And Queens

Sometimes royalty comes with a price tag, but not for this bunch of Cameo talent. Want a shoutout from some of the biggest names in the franchise all for under $100? These stars are your best bet.

Ed “Big Ed” Brown

Big Ed has nearly 1,000 reviews, and he’s also ready to put in the work for a cheeky $69. In several different clips, the funny guy rode into frame on a scooter while wearing what looked like a bear costume as “La Bamba” blasted in the background. He’s happy to say whatever wild thing you ask him to, but beware — he seems to have some issues with technical difficulties on occasion.

In more than a few videos, his Amazon Alexa can’t help getting in the spirit and blasting the song long after he’s asked it to stop. (Perhaps that's actually worth the money?) In a few others, the visual seems to be missing, but he’s always having fun.

David and Annie Toborowsky

With almost 3,000 reviews, David and Annie Toborowsky seem to be the most popular picks from the franchise. They’ve also got a 5-star rating and a 2-day turnaround, which is pretty impressive. For $57, they’ll chat with you, promote their merch and other projects, and joke about all of the other stars on the show. In the sample videos on their page, they gave playful shoutouts to Darcey and Stacey Silva as well as Asuelu Pulaa.

The Dirty Talkers

If you're looking for an earnest video full of heartwarming messages from your favorite 90 Day stars... this is not for you. But if you want to send your friend an expletive-filled video, do I have good news for you.

Angela Deem

If you really want someone to get wild, Angela is your girl. For $75, she’ll send you a message from the “classiest, trashiest bitch that’s ever wished you a happy birthday” (or anniversary or sorry your dog died or whatever). She’s giddy and explicit in pretty much all of her clips, and it’s always a good time with this gal.

Jon Walters

A Cameo from Jon will also run you $75. If you need someone to encourage you to “have a wank” in the bath or “do a cheeky line of coke,” he’s the one for you. He’s also happy to introduce himself very politely if you’re sending a video to someone who’s not a fan of the show but does love to hear swear words in an English accent.

The Boyfriend Experience

If words of affirmation are your love language, look no further. These compliment-filled videos, brought to you by 90 Day boyfriends, will either make you feel really great or really, really uncomfortable.

Asuelu Pulaa

Asuelu is back on the market after things went sideways with wife Kalani Faagata, and you can pretend he’s your man for just $80. For you, he’ll sing and dance and probably call you beautiful at least a few different times, no matter your age (seriously, in one video he gushed about a 4-year-old). His videos are long and complimentary, and he puts his skills as a performer to use.

Colt Johnson

If you don’t want to be called “beautiful” but do want to be calling “darlin’,” Colt Johnson’s got your back. He’s a big fan of using the pet name, and he’ll drop it a few times in a video for just $50. He also seems to love singing people’s names, so if that’s your thing, he’s the man for you. Beware, though: He’s gotten more than a few bad reviews for having “clear disdain” for his fans and giving little to no effort — but that’s pretty in character for him, don’t you think?

Geoffrey Paschel

Geoffrey is also willing to get romantic. He appears to open up most of his videos with an, “Oh, hello there. I didn’t see,” work safety training video vibe, but he’ll also strip down in the gym. If you want a thirst trap (and you think Geoffrey is sexy), look no further. His videos will also cost you $50, and he’s more than happy — some might even say too happy! — to make jokes about sexual positions for your 69th birthday.

The Two-For-One Special

Consider these the BOGO deals of Cameo.

On Cameo, you can find more than a few personalities partnering up for their videos. Of course, you already know there’s Darcey and Stacey and David and Annie, but there’s also Josh and Aika Batterson ($25), Aniko and Aspen Bollok ($25), and Blake and Jasmin Abelard ($30). You might also get lucky with stars like Debbie Johnson ($50), who seems to feature son Colt in almost all of her Cameos. Parents like Kalani Faagata ($50), Rachel Walters ($50), and Robert Springs ($50) may also have their little ones pop in — or, uh, totally disrupt the video.

Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet

Your money might go the farthest with husband and wife Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet ($72). All of the couple’s most recent videos were recorded in bed, which almost makes you feel like you’re hopping on in with them. Bonus? Andrei is shirtless, to really give you that special, throuple feeling. They’ve also got a 10-hour turnaround, so if you need a video in a pinch, let these two be your go-tos.

The Speed Racers

If you waited until the last minute to pick out the perfect present, let one of these celebrities step in for you. As mentioned above, Elizabeth and Andrei can crank out a Cameo in just 10 hours, but they’re not the only speed racers on the site.

Antonio Millón

More often than not, you're going to catch a Cameo celeb filming a batch of videos in the same location and in the same outfit. (Hard to feel special when you know you're one in a hundred done that day, you know?) So if you want to see some variety in your Cameo, Antonio is willing to get creative with his shooting locations, soundtrack, and sound effects for the cool price of $70. Even better? He'll get it to you in under 24 hours.

Avery Warner

Avery has a 19-hour turnaround, and she’s not afraid to keep it real with her fans, whether that means burping on camera, spilling the details about her love life post Ash Naeck, or asking a fan who works at AT&T to have the company write her a check for using her 90 day clips in their commercials. Sure, the energy might be a little all over the place, but you’re in a pinch, aren’t you?

The Dirty Work Doers

Everyone knows that Cameo is a great place to have a star wish your friends a happy birthday or wedding anniversary or whatever. But what if you’ve got a more, uh, delicate message to deliver? Well, these stars seem like they’ll have your back — no matter what.

Syngin Colchester

For just $49, Syngin Colchester is apparently willing to apologize to your boyfriend on your behalf, even if the behavior he’s apologizing for is biting (don’t ask, I don’t have many more details than you do).

Caesar Mack

Caesar also charges $49 to gaslight your partner into thinking they’re lucky to have you and should be focusing on the “positive” things in life instead of the “negative,” like the fact that you’re not pulling your weight around the house.

The Sweethearts

And then, of course, there are those whose messages are always earnest and heartfelt, like Sumit Singh ($50), Paola Mayfield ($60), and Jeniffer Tarazona ($50). No matter what you’re looking over — even astrological ramblings, which you can get from Ash Naeck for $59 — you can find it with the 90 Day Fiancé crew.

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