The ‘90 Day’ Zoom Reunion Walk Offs: The Good, The Bad, The Overkill

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The ‘90 Day’ Zoom Reunion Walk Offs: The Good, The Bad, The Overkill

It’s hardly a rare occurrence for a 90 Day Fiancé personality to be so overcome by the drama on the tell-all specials that they just ditch the set, but the blowups seemed to reach an unprecedented number on the Sunday, October 4 installment.

During Part 2 of the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? reunion, not one, not two, but four stars stormed off — and if you include the promo for next week’s episode, that number becomes five. Surprisingly, Tammy Acosta, Asuelu Pulaa’s big sister (who threatened to fight more than a few of her fellow cast mates) wasn’t one of them. But who did walk out — and who did it best?

Cue Billy Zane in Zoolander: It’s a walk-off! It’s a walk-off. Let’s break it down.

Asuelu Was Up First

Before Asuelu made his exit, he was taking heat from all sides: his wife Kalani Faagata, his sister-in-law Kolini Faagata, his sister Tammy, his mom Lesina Pulaa, and mother-in-law Lisa Faagata. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Lisa called him out on his indifference in the face of criticism. His loved ones were all asking him to do better, but instead he was simply doing nothing.

“He’s just sitting there, stoic,” Lisa said. “Nothing. It’s just disgusting to me, so now I’m angry looking at him giving nothing. I know this is not how [Kalani] wanted things to be, but it takes more than one person to make something work.”

Immediately, Asuelu pulled out his earpiece, stood up, and walked away from the camera. When the show came back from commercial, the audience learned he didn’t just leave the room. When Kalani went to check if he was just hiding out in the garage, she discovered that his keys were gone, meaning he was no longer even on the premises. When tell-all host Shaun Robinson asked Kalani if she would be able to convince her husband to come back, the 90 Day star revealed he’d actually already blocked her number.

“He already blocked my number, so,” she answered. “My calls aren’t going through and my messages aren’t being delivered. … Anytime we get into any little petty argument, he blocks my number. So, like, what was the last one? He’ll block my number, he’ll block me on Instagram, he’ll block my Facebook. If we get into arguments, he blocks me on everything.”

Talk about overkill. When it comes to his actual technique for leaving the room, Asuelu gets no points for style — but you’ve gotta give the man credit when it comes to follow through and attention to detail.

Vanessa Was Up Next

For the most part, Vanessa Guerra let the criticism roll off her back during the show. As Jess Caroline and Larissa Dos Santos Lima slammed her for her more-than-friendly relationship with their mutual ex, Colt Johnson, she laughed and even at one point told Larissa, “Love you, too.” But when Jess told her that she and Colt “deserved each other” because they are “two terrible persons,” Vanessa finally lost her cool.

“Don’t act like a victim!” she shouted back. “Says the girl calling me a bitch and all this shit!” Vanessa finally had enough when Jess matched her volume and responded, “Fuck you!” Cursing, Vanessa stood up and stomped out of frame, leaving Shaun speechless and stumbling for words.

Though her pettiness couldn’t quite match Asuelu’s, audiences got to actually watch her reach her boiling point before she finally needed to let off some steam. I may not agree with her actions, but I do commend her patience up to this point.

Then It Was Debbie’s Turn

Colt’s mom, Debbie Johnson, was seen missing from her chair a few times throughout the special, but she finally was caught walking out when the subject turn to sex. After Shaun asked all of the couples how quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic affected their intimate relationships, she called on Larissa to compare her ex-husband to her current boyfriend. The Brazilian said her new man was better in bed because he had more sexperience, prompting Debbie to silently excuse herself from the situation just in time for her Colt to absolutely lose his shit on camera and publicly declare that he “loves to fuck.”

Debbie’s departure gets no points for flair, but I have to applaud Debbie for setting reasonable boundaries with her son for maybe the first time in their history with the show.

Last But Not Least, Michael

The success of Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem’s marriage seems to rest in their ability to have children together, which understandably meant that their romance hit a snag during part 2 of the tell-all when Shaun asked the couple about trying for a baby. Both husband and wife wanted one of Angela’s daughters to donate her eggs (or even carry the baby herself), but Skyla Deem put her foot down.

While Angela wasn’t ready to “take no for an answer,” she also wanted Michael to confront the reality that she wasn’t likely to get pregnant naturally at age 54 and she didn’t want to spend their whole lives together working so they could save up for IVF, further putting on pause any plans to travel the world or go on vacations together.

Angela was on board with having a baby, but ultimately she wants to be enough for Michael. When she seemed to give up and admit that she’d rather have a dog than another baby — and said that maybe Michael should’ve moved on if fatherhood was the most important thing to him — her husband got frustrated.

“No, no, no, no, no!” he said. “Please, don’t say that. We have a couple of options. That’s all I’m saying now, come on.” When he felt like he wasn’t being heard, he too stood up and took a breather off-camera.

While pestering Skyla to have a baby for them isn’t cool, Michael seemed more like he needed a moment to collect himself rather than being ready to give up on the rest of the show. He also returned to filming what seemed like just a few moments later, though he wasn’t thrilled about it. I give this one self-care kudos.

Next Time on 90 Day: Angela

The promo for Part 3 revealed Angela will have her own dramatic exit after announcing she’s just about ready to go “to the courthouse.” She’s done — and she says as much when Michael asks for an opportunity to explain himself. After previously slamming her hands on the table so hard that it knocked her screen down and her face out of frame, she committed to fully closing her laptop this time. Cut to Skyla’s feed, and a sneak peek of Angela strutting and shouting in the background.

Angela might be being unfair (both to her daughter, who’s made her boundaries clear, and to her husband, who made his expectations in a relationship clear), but you can’t deny she’s always willing to communicate exactly where she stands.

So Who Wins?

If this were a beauty pageant (excuse us, scholarship program), Miss Congeniality would go to Michael. And under normal circumstances, Asuelu would take the win for his absolute shamelessness. But considering Angela came through at the last minute with multiple camera angles, she’s the one walking away with the title of walk-off of the night. Angela out, bitches.

Images: TLC Screenshots

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