Ranking '90 Day' Airport Reunions, From Totally Disastrous To True Love

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Ranking '90 Day' Airport Reunions, From Totally Disastrous To True Love

For all that 90 Day Fiancé is ostensibly a show about love and marriage, fans love to try and suss out who the phonies are from day one. As soon as the cast of a new season is introduced, they’ve got their eagle-eyes out in full force, looking for clues about who’s really ready for commitment, who just wants a hot hookup buddy, and who is hoping to score a VIP ticket to the good life in the United States.

Most of the time, however, we don’t actually get a chance to see the stars together until their 90-day visa process begins. While the weddings may be the beginning of the end for many couples, other relationships start to fray the second one of them steps off the plane. I took a look back at the first reunion for some of the most famous pairs, ranking them from totally disastrous to the Real Thing.

13. Season 6: Colt and Larissa

One of my favorite messy meet ups is the one Colt and Larissa shared on Season 6. The Las Vegas native was nervous to pick up his bride-to-be at the airport, but also couldn’t wait to see her. He compared it to Christmas morning — though once Larissa showed up it was clear there were no presents to be exchanged.

“Larissa! Hey!” Colt greeted her. “Where’s my flowers?” she asked immediately. “You just — you look great,” he said, trying to change the subject. “Where’s my flowers?” she asked again, undeterred. Finally, he answered. “No flowers, honey, I’m sorry,” he said, and cue the awkward moment.

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