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How To Comment On The Dipp

At The Dipp, we're obsessed with pop culture — TV, celebrities, movies, you know what we’re saying. When we’re not thinking about it, we’re texting about it. And when we’re not texting about it, we’re DM’ing about it. And when we’re not DM’ing about it, you bet we’re sending six TikTok videos in a row to the group thread promising, “OK last one, swear,” before anyone even responds.

While we love bombarding our friends with our latest pop culture fixations, we craved someplace else to channel our energy. So we launched The Dipp — and, now, our brand-new dynamic commenting system that allows you to spread your knowledge and opinions to a community that gets you more than that friend who rolls her eyes at Bachelor in Paradise.

As of April, when you land on one of our articles, you'll see a little green speech bubble. Click that open, and go to town — we want to know how you feel about the latest Real Housewives feud, Archie's latest Riverdale job, Jamie's latest Outlander hairstyle, and so much more. (Hair thoughts are especially important to us. Always tell us your hair thoughts.)

How Do I Start?

If you're a subscriber to The Dipp...

  • Choose a username prior to writing your first comment. Whether you use your real name, or an alias that inspires you? That decision is in your hands, holidayarmadillo24. (The Dipp's staff members, however, will be using their real names, so you'll know when you're speaking directly to our writers and columnists.) You can also create a bio for yourself on your profile settings page.

If you're not a subscriber:

  • You'll have to subscribe to The Dipp in order to comment. We want our members to have access to productive conversation, and when you don't put a commenting wall behind a paywall, things can get troll-y. So, yes, you'll have to pay to play along with us, but you'll also get access to a community that's truly invested in the conversation, just like you. (That said, non-paying users can still read select comments to get a sneak peek at the convo.)

So, How Exactly Does It Work?

Find the green chat bubble next to the article. That's where our comments live.

You can start by leaving a comment in the bubble that says "Tell us how you really feel..."

Or, you can reply in a thread of existing comments by clicking the quote box under a comment.

Comments can be threaded into separate conversations, allowing you to reply to one another with your thoughts. The deeper the conversation, the deeper the thread. (Note: Reply alerts to members will come later, as we continue to hone our product.)

Upvote or downvote comments from fellow Dipp members – the more upvotes a comment receives, the more it rises to the top of each commenting stream. This ensures that anyone reading our articles can also easily read the best comments attached to each of our articles.

Each upvote also will provide commenters with "vibe" points (think: Reddit's Karma), so craft good comments for ✨ good vibes ✨. Want a vibe check? Consult your profile page via your profile settings to find out how you're doing!

How Do I Create A Good Comment?

Good question. We're committed to creating a thoughtful and fun community here at The Dipp, so we only ask that you become thoughtful and fun community members.

Use our commenting system to showcase your knowledge, to ask a question, to share a theory, or contribute a funny thought. The best comments will make readers laugh and think — leave the one-word "omg"s to other platforms.

That's not to say you have to write a long comment for it to be good — we're also fans of short conversation starters and witticisms, and, in fact, have a 500-character limit to our comments. (Want to write something longer? Well, pitch an article to us at Mostly, you'll find out what's a good comment by checking your vibes — the more you collect, the more you're on the right track.

What Makes For A Bad Comment?

As much as we loved our Trolls in the '90s, don't be one. That means, refrain from insulting one another, or, worse, posting any statements deemed hateful. Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated, and we deserve the right to revoke your subscription to The Dipp should you take part in any kind of bullying. In the words of the venerable Bill and Ted, just be excellent to each other, please.

How Do I Flag A Comment?

In the unlikely event of a troll, you can flag a fellow member's comment by clicking the three dots on the side of the comment.

We will then review that member, and take any necessary action.

Okay, I'm Ready!

Let's do this! We can't wait to hear everything you think! (And if you have any problems or feedback, feel free to reach out to

Go ahead and let your group chat know that you won't be "overwhelming" them with your "incessant" texts anymore: you've found a new home here with us at The Dipp. (But tell your friends to subscribe, too. We're a female-founded start-up! A little support goes a long way!)

Let's get talking.

Start commenting...

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