'Riverdale' Writer Evan Kyle Teases A Hostage Situation When The Show Returns

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'Riverdale' Writer Evan Kyle Teases A Hostage Situation When The Show Returns

Riverdale won't return until July, but writer Evan Kyle knows just what to tease to keep us hanging on during this cruel hiatus. During The Dipp's Riverdale Clubhouse on April 1, Kyle teased that a huge, life-changing hostage situation in the back half of Riverdale Season 5. And, um, it's pretty major to say the least.

In our exclusive chat, which also featured @nocontextrvd's Macy Jones, Kyle revealed that Veronica and Archie's budding reunion will be hit with yet another roadblock when Riverdale returns, and this one's going to be a lot more dangerous than Chad's financial blackmail. Of course, this isn't going to be the first problem the two have endured. Their entire relationship has been complicated — whether it be communication issues, Hiram issues, bear issues, Barchie issues, Hiram issues again, these two know roadblocks.

But the return of the show may bring forth the most difficult obstacle yet in their relationship. The last we saw, Veronica and Archie were going to give it another go. Veronica was getting out of her marriage with Chad and Archie was essentially running the entire town of Riverdale. They're a power couple, and no one can stand in their way. Unless you're Chad, who lied about signing the divorce papers after luring Ronnie back to New York City and admitting that he got both himself and Veronica into a very sticky investment scheme that could bring them both down if they go through with the split.

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