Who Is Greg Grippo Dating After 'The Bachelorette'? We Look To Social Media For Clues

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Who Is Greg Grippo Dating After 'The Bachelorette'? We Look To Social Media For Clues

The messy chronicles of Greg Grippo continue. Just days after his breakup with Katie aired, sparking an ongoing debate about gaslighting and emotional manipulation in relationships, Greg's post-Bachelorette dating life landed in the news. But something tells me this Bach alum isn't leaving the single life behind anytime soon.

It's widely known that Bach contestants — especially those who make it as far into the season as Greg — aren't supposed to comment about their dating lives until the season is over. And they're definitely not supposed to be photographed on dates. Still, that's exactly what some people think happened with Greg when he was photographed out clubbing with Bachelor alum Bri Springs on Aug. 7.

Pics of Greg and Bri trying to get into a New York City club (they were allegedly turned away, LOL) went viral Sunday, Aug. 8. Though the two were not showing any physical affection towards each other, the very fact that two objectively stunning Bach alums were hanging out was enough to kickstart dating rumors. I mean, we all know Bachelor alums are in a small community, but it's not that small. If these two are hanging out together, there's gotta be a reason, right?

Image: Bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Well, it looks like these two are just friends (whatever that means for a Bach alum in need of some serious image rehab). After the photos went viral, Bri posted a relationship update on her Instagram stories, sharing a photo of her holding hands with an unidentified person who is definitely not Greg with the caption "Current relationship status."

Image: Bri Springs/Instagram

Even Bri's mom, Lauren 'Lala' Stoppelbein, got in on the denial. "This morning was the first time I ever heard of said guy named Greg. Please stay out of my DM w this nonsense," she posted on her Instagram stories. "He's not her type anyway lol." Alrighty then, if he's not her type, then what is up with this little rendez-vous? It's all about context, baby.

Since his breakup with Katie aired on Monday, Aug. 2, Greg has been the subject of one of the most heated and serious Bachelor Discourses™. Did he gaslight Katie during their breakup? Or was he just extremely emotionally vulnerable? Fans are debating this across Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram, all while rumors that Greg could be the next Bachelor lead run wild, which can only mean one thing: he needs some good PR, stat.

If Greg wants to be the Bachelor, he's going to need to win back the audience he lost after his devastating on-screen breakup. What better way to do that than to start hanging out with Bri, a well-liked Bachelor contestant? Especially one known for being everything Greg isn't — namely mature, intelligent, no bullshit. As for Bri, according to Bachelor Data, her Instagram following received a very healthy boost from the hangout.

Image: Bachelor Data/Instagram

It's a win-win: Greg gets a good post-Bachelorette boost in the press, and Bri invigorates her Instagram. Or maybe they really are friends IRL...somehow...someway.


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