Will Greg Grippo Be The Next Bachelor Or Was That Dream Left Behind At A New Mexico Hyatt?

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Will Greg Grippo Be The Next Bachelor Or Was That Dream Left Behind At A New Mexico Hyatt?

With only three men and two episodes left on The Bachelorette, it's time to ask yourself, "What next?" We know Michelle Young is taking the reins as the Bachelorette in the fall, but as for the next Bachelor, well that's one big 'ole ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

There's Michael A., who left brokenhearted after telling Katie he needed to be with his son. There's Andrew S., who also left brokenhearted after telling Katie he couldn't return as an add-on. Then there's Greg Grippo, The Bachelorette's golden boy who flew so close to the sun, it may have caused him to burn out and ruin his chances of earning the biggest title Thomas could ever dream of... The Bachelor.

From the previews all season, it appears Greg will — shockingly — leave on his own volition after causing a bit of a scene with Katie storming off and demanding a flight home. And with just hometowns and the finale remaining, my guess is tonight is the night. Tonight is the night Greg goes from Hero to... just another name that could have been.

If Greg does leave during hometowns (and let's be honest, the build up of him being jealous of Katie's split time has become almost unbearable), does that mean he could still be in the running for The Bachelor? Or is all hope lost at a Hyatt in New Mexico? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of a Grippo Bachelor to see where we're at as a Nation... Bachelor Nation.

Pro: He's a fan favorite

He's got that All-American charm that has Twitter swooning over him Monday nights, 8 p.m. eastern time.

Con: He might not be here for the right reasons

Then again, there are some questionable things that have come up since the season premiered. We learned that Greg has an acting background and that he has supposedly led girls on in the past. Oh, and Katie may or may not have liked a post about him sucking.

Pro: He's not afraid to be vulnerable

Vulnerability is definitely a key quality that makes a great lead. He opened up about his Dad and seemed genuinely touched by Michael A.'s story. Plus, he looks great crying.

Con: Don't know much about him

Other than him opening up about losing his father, Greg as a person remains a little mysterious. What is he about, what does he stand for? What does he watch on Netflix?

Pro: The guys love him

It's always a good sign when someone is well liked in the house.

Con: Not ready for a wife

Who am I to stay whether someone is ready or not, but if you chose to leave on your own after making it this far after telling a woman not once, but twice that you were falling for her (OK, first time during the hot pepper challenge doesn't count), it doesn't seem like your ready for that commitment. Is that the kind of lead we want?

Pro: He likes to dance

I love dancing too. And while this might not be a qualifier for a Bachelor, this is a huge win in my book.

Con: Can't dirty talk

Likes to talk about the nation's geography in bed.

Pro: Not afraid to be silly

According to the bloopers, Greg is a goofball! You'd never know based on the edit he's getting the season, but the signs are there. Plus, we are in serious need of a silly Bachelor after a few duds (Peter's TikTok dancing doesn't count!).

Con: A little quiet

Although he is vulnerable and playful, he seems to be on the quieter side compared to some of the other personalities in the house. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, just makes you wonder if he would be able to carry the show as the lead.

Personally, I was always a fan of Greg's, even after all the tea came out. I was just never sure he was that into Katie. I guess we'll find out tonight won't we?

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