Is Katie Engaged After 'The Bachelorette'? Here's What She's Said About Her Post-Bach Life

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Is Katie Engaged After 'The Bachelorette'? Here's What She's Said About Her Post-Bach Life

As Bachelor nation is still reeling and over-analyzing every second of the fight between Katie and Greg , I'm already thinking ahead to next week and whether Katie ends up with Blake... or whether she ends up with anyone.

Of course I'm hoping she ends up with Blake, I'm not a garbage person. They are really great together. But I feel like the signs may be pointing to her not ending up with anyone. We already knew that filming wrapped early — is this why? Was Katie actually done as she said last week and had her "flight booked home"?

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So, being the not so low key sleuth that I am, I decided to go back and track down interviews Katie has given and what she has said about her life since The Bachelorette.


  • When asked if she can blink once if she was engaged, Katie covered her eyes with her hands and says, "I can't do any of that, but I mean the hope is you find love, right? "
  • When asked if we should prepare for some plot twist, Katie says, "The end is crazy, that's all I'm going to say."
  • When asked if she is happy with the outcome, Katie states in a very matter of fact way, "I'm happy. You know, I had to tell myself everything happens for a reason. That's what you really have to embrace and that's what I've been doing."
  • When asked who she falls in love with she says, "Myself."


  • When asked to show her ring finger, she says, "I don't know..."
  • When asked if she was engaged, Katie laughs and says, "You know that I can't answer."
  • When asked if she found what she was looking for on this season of The Bachelorette, Katie says, "I found that and more."

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  • When asked if she fell in a lasting love, Katie says, "That's to be determined..."


  • When asked if she would give it another try with Michael A., Katie says, "...I've since kind of closed those chapters and have moved forward. I just don't see myself going backwards and revisiting the relationships with these men that I've already had the opportunity to do so."
  • When asked if she made peace with her fear of sending the wrong guys home, Katie says, "I have officially made peace with everything that has happened and I am in place where I am very happy with my life and where I'm at and that's all I can do... to continue to move forward."
  • When asked about her ending, Katie says, "Expect the unexpected. I don't think this has ever happened in the history of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette before..I mean, there's a traditional format that you expect when you watch The Bachelorette and that get shaken up pretty quick."
  • When asked how excited she is for people to know the ending, Katie says, "Come August 9th, I'm ready to get out of the house and move forward with my life...just really figure things out and what the future holds for me."


  • When asked about Michael A, Katie says, "I have been dealt a different set of cards and I just have to move forward with that..."
  • When asked if someone gets down on one knee, Katie said, "That is something to be determined still..."
  • When asked if she had any regrets, Katie says, "No regrets...but I just look forward to it being over to be honest."
  • When asked about her final decisions, Katie says, "I am very happy with where I'm at in life."
  • When asked about a wedding, Katie says, " Who says theres a wedding...with myself maybe."


  • When asked how she felt about seeing her exes, Katies says, "This is just one more loose end to tie before I move forward with my life... I'm in a place where I'm leaving that in the past and focusing on the future."
  • When asked about the ending, Katie said, "Expect the unexpected...It is so untraditional in what happens."

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  • When asked if she found love, Katie says, "If I found 'the' love, we'll have to find out still."

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  • When told that Michael A was open to a second chance, Katie says, "...I could not dwell on the past. I had to continue to move forward. And my ending is ultimately how everything was supposed to happen. I'm a big believe in everything happens for a reason..."
  • When asked if she had any regrets, Katie said, "I really don't. I mean, there's obviously gonna be 'what ifs' but ultimately, I'm very happy with, you know, how everything turned out..."

My main takeaway? Katie is sooooo ready to move on and that the ending is very unexpected. But is Greg leaving the unexpected part, or is there more? We shall find out.

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