Your Two 'Bachelor' Frontrunners Don't Actually Want To Be The Bachelor

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Your Two 'Bachelor' Frontrunners Don't Actually Want To Be The Bachelor

We're going to need a bigger pool of potential Bachelors. As The Bachelorette winds down, it's time for another game of Who Should Be The Next Bachelor? And, unfortunately, despite Katie's incredible cast, the pickings are looking pretty slim. Between men who have revealed themselves to be trash (Greg) and men who claim they don't want to be the Bachelor (Michael A.), potential Bachelor leads are dwindling.

As Katie's season heads into the finale with the final two — Justin and Blake — there are two major Bachelor lead frontrunners: Michael A, the single dad from Ohio, and Andrew S., Clay Harbour's cousin who plays football in Austria. I gotta admit, I'd personally be happy with either. Michael A is mature and sweet and would undoubtedly take the process seriously, while Andrew S. would bring a nice level of enthusiasm we just haven't seen form a Bachelor in a while. But, alas, we can't always get what we want. Both Michael A and Andrew spencer hv]ave said they're not interested in ehing the next Bachelor, but who is? Here's what the current Bachelor front runners have considering when weighing their options.

Michael A.

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Michael A. has been relatively vague about being the next Bachelor, "Honestly, I really haven't given it any thought," he told Extra after the Men Tell All taping in July. "Nothing's been offered, so at this point, I've got nothing to think about," he said. Asked whether or not he'd even be interested, Michael was hesitant. "I'm someone who immediately sees the risk, so quite frankly, I'm not incredibly interested in it at the moment."

Not all hope is lost, though. He did say that he might consider it if he felt confident that producers would cast women who were serious about getting married and making a commitment to him and his son. "If something were to be offered or discussed, I'd need to really understand who they'd be casting because you have to go into that getting engaged, ad how do I introduce that person to my son," he concluded.

More recently, during an appearance on the 3 Things to Know With Stephanie Haney podcast, Micheal elaborated on what he'd need to feel comfortable committing to being the Bachelor. "I think my season would be very different, and I'm not sure what that even looks like, but you know if it was this season or next season or whatever, James would have to be with me."

Andrew S.

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Andrew S. gave a much more direct answer when asked on Bachelor Happy Hour if he would consider being the Bachelor. "After knowing all the stuff that comes with it, probably no," he said. "I would love the chance to find a girl through that process, I love that, but I hate everything that comes with it. I hate people deep-diving into my life." Case in point: early in the season old, offensive tweets surfaced from him and Justin Glaze. They were mostly written when both of the men were teenagers — some when they were underage — and both have since apologized.

But the experience that really shook Andre was when stories about his past mistakes, including a D.U.I. arrest, made their way to his 10-year-old nephew. "That's really tough for me to explain to my 10-year-old nephew, that I was an idiot at some point and then they had to learn that way without me at least giving a lesson or talking to them personally."

If the frontrunners are out, where does that leave us? If Greg and Katie's fight proved anything, it's that Greg cannot be The Bachelor. Though he could try to use the After The Final Rose special to redeem himself, I would find it hard to believe that the man freaking out at Katie for playing the game has the maturity needed to actually be a lead in this process. Our only recourse at this point is to rally behind the King of Facial Expressions, Justin! I know he's technically still in the Bachelorette game, but, let's face it, that boy is not going to end this season engaged to Katie. There is simply no way.

Team Justin For Bachelor, we ride at dawn!


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