Thomas' Tears On 'BIP' Were Not Of The Water Variety

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Thomas' Tears On 'BIP' Were Not Of The Water Variety

It was do (get engaged) or die (leave alone, die alone, my friends) on the Bachelor In Paradise finale and tensions were high. After Abigail and Noah's tearful split, and after Natasha's tearful exit, we watched Becca's tearful break up with Thomas, but unlike the first two splits, there was something about Thomas' tears that didn't feel quite watery. In fact, I'm not sure Thomas actually shed a tear. He sobbed, and he rubbed his eyes,I know that much, but was Thomas really crying?

His reaction to Becca's honest read on the situation (we don't know each other that well and I'd like to get to know the real you before going into a fantasy suite, etc.) was extreme. Very extreme. Over-the-top extreme. One might wonder if Thomas went to the Greg Grippo School, I Mean Semester, Of Acting. It was almost as extreme as Ivan's insane apology for sneaking off campus to see Alexa. Almost.

Not one tear rolled down Thomas' cheek and his heaves and downward grin seemed forced. It's almost as if he was playing up a reaction for the audience at home, but no way he'd do that. You tell me...








One thing is certain... Becca definitely did not shed a tear, real or fake, during their breakup:

Jokes on anyone who's counting tears, though: Becca and Thomas are probably dating right now, according to these clues.

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