Screenshots Of Natasha's Departure From 'BiP' Speak Volumes

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Screenshots Of Natasha's Departure From 'BiP' Speak Volumes

If I had to name one person who has seen some shit on Paradise this season, I'd say Natasha Parker. The 33-year-old BiP hopeful entered Paradise cautiously optimistic after hitting it off with Brendan. Then Pieper entered and, well, we know how that went. Then Natasha shared giant margaritas with Dr. Joe and things felt good. But Joe's best friend is Brendan and, yeah, we know how that went, too. So when it was time for Natasha to leave Bachelor in Paradise on Tuesday's finale, it really shouldn't be that surprising that her reaction was that of "get me the fuck out of here."

We've all grown to love Natasha over the course of the season. She is smart, she is kind, she stands up for herself, and yes, it's easy to root for the woman who constantly gets screwed over by ridiculously immature men. So in a way, Natasha's elimination from Paradise was almost a relief. Put her out of her misery. Natasha was so much better than any of the current men on the show and to even think she was hanging on to the thought of Ed giving her his rose was truly heartbreaking.

But still it hurt to see her go. (Fans are already calling for her to be a future Bachelorette, by the way.) Let's take a look at how her elimination went down...

Here we have a semi-hopeful Natasha hoping to end things on a positive note with Ed. We also have Mykenna, who ended up getting Ed's rose.

The moment Natasha realized it was over. Let's take a closer look...

Personally, I'd say this was a moment of freedom. Run, Natasha! Run far and never look back. But for her, it was obviously a moment of rejection, which after her journey on the beach, didn't come easy.

Let's just hope Natasha realizes she's approximately 700x better than any of the prospects on that beach and Ed picking Mykenna was the best thing that could have happened to her. Seriously... Ed?

Fly high, Natasha.

Images: ABC

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