Did Victoria P. Have A Boyfriend Before 'Bachelor In Paradise'? A Social Investigation

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Did Victoria P. Have A Boyfriend Before 'Bachelor In Paradise'? A Social Investigation

Although she may not be the "queen" of Bachelor Nation, there's another Victoria headed to Paradise. Victoria Paul from Peter Weber's Bachelor season is confirmed to hit the beach alongside Queen Victoria of Matt James's season. And befitting her regal name, Victoria P. on Bachelor in Paradise might also cause some drama if her reign on The Bachelor and an allegation on social media are any indications.

When Pilot Pete was Bachelor, he had two Victorias — Paul and Fuller, and they both had their own controversies. While Fuller had dated country singer Chase Rice and was later accused of breaking up relationships, Paul was one of the multiple women of his season who had competed in pageants. And Victoria P.'s beef with fellow pageant queen Alayah caused her frontrunner hopes to crash and burn.

Victoria P. started out strong, going on the second one-on-one date with Peter in Week 3. He took the nurse and former Miss Louisiana boot shopping and line dancing. At the night portion of the date, she opened up to him about her father's death when she was young, her mother's struggles with drug addiction, caring for her sister, and living in a homeless shelter. He gave Victoria the date rose.

But later that episode, when contestants were questioning how authentic Alayah was, Victoria P. stepped up to share some dirt. Alayah and Victoria P. had competed in Miss USA 2019 together and though she said that Alayah weren't friends and only hung out for a few hours, Victoria claimed that Alayah had asked her to lie to the producers about knowing one another.

Peter sent Alayah home that week. But she came back in Week 4 to set the record straight. In her version of events, she and Victoria were friends during the Miss USA competition and had planned a trip to Las Vegas together. Peter accepted Alayah's story and invited her back on the show... and started questioning if Victoria was the one who wasn't there for the "right reasons."

Alayah went home in Week 5, but the damage was done to Victoria P.'s relationship with Peter as well. During a group date in Week 6, he told Victoria P. that he didn't see her as his wife and so she asked for a car to take her home.

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Based on her Instagram, Victoria now lives in Nashville, Tenn., and has stayed friends with many of the women from her Bachelor season. In her "Paradise Profile" for the Bachelor Nation site, she wrote about how the women from Peter's season that she became friends with have helped her love herself for the first time. (Spoiler: Alayah is not one of them.) She was around for the giant Bachelor Nation convention that was Kelsey Weier's 30th birthday party and she's posted about the other Victoria of her season being her best friend. As for her professional life, according to her Q&A Instagram Story Highlights, she is back working as a nurse after taking a break during the COVID-19 pandemic since she had open-heart surgery as a child.

Ahead of the BiP premiere, she shared a journal entry from her time in Mexico, which reflects her religious values. But some people don't believe Victoria is the open book that she makes herself out to be. As someone captured on Reddit, bachelorteaspill on Instagram claimed that Victoria was dating someone when she went to Paradise. That someone is apparently musician Teddy Robb. Victoria posted in her Q&A Story 12 weeks before the BiP Season 7 premiere on Aug. 16 that she was going through a breakup. That would've been around the week of May 24, just a little before the series filmed in June. But if you believe the gossip, they were dating when she was in Mexico (and maybe still are?).

Victoria doesn't have any recent posts with Robb on her Instagram nor does he have any posts with her. But there is an eyebrow-raising connection courtesy of a dog. Victoria posted on her feed in July that she adopted a dog named Bobbie. She wrote, "a loving reminder to greatly consider adoption / fostering if you're able. glad we did" — emphasis on the "we." Although she didn't post this until the summer, she had originally announced the Bobbie news in the spring in her dog Story Highlights.

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Robb shared on his Instagram in March that he had adopted a dog named Bobby... who very much looks like the same dog. Although Robb shared the Bobby love with posts in April, the pup disappeared from his feed until July 9 when Bobby was back with the caption, "Did y'all miss Bobby??"

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They might spell Bobbie differently, but you can't tell me that's not the same dog. So Victoria and Robb possibly were committed enough in March to adopt a dog together. If they did break up at the end of May, it looks like they may have been back together by early July. And considering that Paradise only filmed for three weeks in June, the timing is suspicious. Or, to give Victoria the benefit of the doubt, maybe all the guys in Paradise just made her realize she'd rather be back with her ex.

Queen Victoria may be the one BiP fans are anxiously awaiting to hit the beach. But Victoria P. could be pulling a Peter season 2.0 (oh god, please no) if people are left questioning her sincerity. As far as scandals go, this isn't as bad as say, winning The Bachelorette when you had been dating someone else (looking at you, Jed!). And as she posted on Aug. 15 photos of her hanging with Victoria F. and Blake Horstmann, it seems she has a loyal crew of fellow Bachelor Nation people who know their way around a Bachelor scandal or two that will stick by her no matter what goes down in Paradise.


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