Let's Break Down The 'Bachelor in Paradise' Trailer, Tears And All

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Let's Break Down The 'Bachelor in Paradise' Trailer, Tears And All

In some time-cursed way, Katie's season of The Bachelorette has felt like the quickest 84 years to ever exist. As the final rose approaches, some things still remain up in the air — who will she choose? Is she engaged? Is she happy? Will I hate Greg by the end of this? And then there are some things we know for sure — another season of Bachelor in Paradise is just around the corner.

During the Men Tell All special, Bachelorette fans got a first look at what is bound to be one the most entertaining seasons of BiP yet, maybe because everyone has so much pent up energy from not being able to go to Paradise last season. Doesn't even matter, all I know is the best show of the franchise is coming back on Monday, Aug. 16, and we need to break down the trailers in all of their horny, tear-filled, sunburnt glory.

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  • Wells is crying. We know he is engaged to Sarah Hyland and got a promotion on this season's Paradise, so one has to ask, who made you cry, Wells?
  • Kelsey is back on her champagne-gate bullshit. And seems to be consoling someone?
  • Abigail gets the coveted line, "Bring on the men," which is rightly deserved. Protect Abigail at all costs.
  • Brendan asks, "Is that the plan, drinking everyday?" Yes, my dude.
  • Speaking of Brendan... he seems to be on a jet ski date with a blonde. That doesn't give us much to work with, however. Is it Kelsey? Is it Victoria Larson?
  • Jessenia and Ivan make out on the beach and in the pool.
  • Joe and Serena P. are very much a thing.
  • Joe says, "Why would I stay?" Is Kendall going to walk down that beach?
  • Someone makes Natasha cry and I will find them.
  • Connor B. isn't done singing, do with that what you will.
  • Thomas seems to be getting along with the other men... swimmingly. (Not.)
  • Abigail and Noah kiss?
  • Former "Queen" Victoria is done with her crown and now wearing this...

Grab your SPF because this season looks like it's going to be very hot.

Image: ABC

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