On 'The Bachelor,' It's Time To Retire The "Here For The Right Reasons" Conversations

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On 'The Bachelor,' It's Time To Retire The "Here For The Right Reasons" Conversations

It's week four of Katie Thurston's Bachelorette season, and all we've seen are conversations about whether or not someone is here for the right reasons. Every episode one of the guys is accusing another of being on the show for the wrong reasons, and then they tell Katie about it. Were you bored by that sentence? I was! But that's how you tell a boring story: with boring copy.

Here's the thing. It's season 17 of the Bachelorette, which is the 48th season overall when you count The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise. That means that if you're a 28 year old contestant, like, for example, Thomas is, it's possible that you've been watching the series since you were 9 years old.

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It took about 10 years (throwing out Season 16 with Ben Flajnik and the "black widow" Courtney Robertson as the possible catalyst), as well as the invention of social media, and then the monetization of social media, for us to even need to invent the phrase "here for the right reasons." Before that, there wasn't much more than a shot of love, and yes, the shot of becoming the series' next lead and some 15 minutes of fame in your hometown, but if you came in sixth place, no one remembered you. Now, if you come in sixth, you can probably sell some leggings on Instagram and maybe show up in Paradise.

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