The 'Bachelor In Paradise' 2021 Resort Is Far Nicer Than What You See On TV

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The 'Bachelor In Paradise' 2021 Resort Is Far Nicer Than What You See On TV

Due to COVID-19, you might not be traveling internationally. And during their pandemic seasons, the Bachelor and Bachelorettes certainly haven't been traveling. But the contestants on Bachelor in Paradise are special. Because they still got to go to Mexico to stay at the Bachelor in Paradise 2021 resort. Despite the year hiatus, Season 7 filmed at the Playa Escondida resort like most BiP seasons before. Located in the town of Sayulita in the Mexican Pacific Coast state of Nayarit, this "Hidden Beach" resort has housed BiP since Season 2. And when it's not infested with members of Bachelor Nation, it seems like a delightful, nature-based place to stay.

As you've seen on TV, the Playa Escondida is located within the jungle where Chris Harrison — but now, David Spade — waits to pounce on you as you arrive. The resort boasts a private beach, an infinity-edged pool overlooking the ocean (complete with a bridge and waterfall), jacuzzis, and a beach bar... where I'm pretty sure Wells Adams is a full-time employee now with his official Playa Escondida bartender shirt.

What you don't see on TV is the 32 unique private rooms that look like adorable hideaways. Unlike the Hawaiian resort in The White Lotus, the rooms at the Playa Escondida are more affordable... even for people who don't earn money from spon-con following a stint on a reality TV show. For example, the cheapest option is a cabaña with two queen beds starting at $165 a night.

There's videos of every room setup on the resort's site, which makes me wish BiP filmed more interior shots. Well, considering the hookups that go down, I take that back. Plus, BiP contestants don't have access to all of these rooms because they can't have everyone canoodling not on-camera! Although, there is apparently a "boom-boom" room at Paradise of which I will never speak of again and instead try to distract you from that thought with photos of some of the cute room options at Playa Escondida that (fingers crossed) no BiP contestants have ever boomed in.

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Glamour reported during a visit to Playa Escondida in 2016 that many of the huts do have air conditioning, but again, the contestants don't get that luxury. As for other filming locations, Glamour noted that many of the special dates take place at a different resort — the Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta. It's about an hour's driving distance away from Playa Escondida and is where Harrison would stay. So perhaps guest hosts Spade, Lil Jon, Tituss Burgess, and Lance Bass spent their downtime there too. The Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is far more built-up and luxurious than laya Escondida — and yes, it will cost you.

After perusing Playa Escondida's site and social pages, I'm more convinced I need to stay there than I ever have been while watching Paradise. (The only thing watching Paradise makes me want to do is never go near those hot tubs.) But be forewarned: If you do stay there, their website says in their General Information section that if you keep food in your room, you may have an encounter with a coatimundi... but they're adorable! Or, if you're touring the jungle, you may have an encounter with a wild Chris Harrison in search of a job... very not adorable.


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