Tia & Blake's Fight On 'BiP' Involved Nuggets — Need I Say More?

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Tia & Blake's Fight On 'BiP' Involved Nuggets — Need I Say More?

There comes a time in everyone's life when one has to learn the hard truth: you can't always trust your vagina. Tia learned that life lesson on the beaches of Mexico this week, after her fight with Blake, aka the "Tatty Daddy" (ew) who made her vagina dance, left her frustrated and almost in tears. The fight was confusing to say the least, and seemed to come out of nowhere. After the episode aired, Tia explained her fight with Blake on BiP, and, honestly, she makes some very good points.

First, I want to say that even though I was confused by how quickly Tia and Blake's cocktail party conversation escalated on Tuesday's episode, I was already on Team Tia. Sure, her insistence that she wants to be chased seemed a little unprompted, but she's also right. The girls have the roses this week, and if Blake wants one, he's going to have to work for it. James put together a whole little presentation for her the night before, and Blake was just hoping his tattoos would get him to the next week. And, thanks to her Instagram commentary, now we know that Tia's frustration wasn't unprompted at all.

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In her Instagram stories, Tia gave some context for what she dubbed her "rage" on the beach, explaining what led up to the fight. Apparently, she saw Thomas stage a romantic picnic for Becca featuring "a tray of chicken nuggets" and "pics of their dogs." Upon seeing it, Tia claimed Blake turned to her and said, "You know I'm not gonna set up anything for you right? You should know how I feel about you. All that stuff other guys do is fake for TV." YIKES. He really just said that to a woman he had been on one date with. "This ain't my first rodeo. It ain't that hard. Gimme nugs & fries," Tia added.

Obviously, Blake has a point. A lot of it is for TV, but that almost makes it worse. It's not like Thomas had to go cook chicken nuggets or print out photos of their dogs himself. He didn't even have to pay for it. All he had to do was tell a producer that he wanted a giant plate of chicken nuggets, and voila, it appeared! Never has a romantic gesture been so easy and so cheap. The fact that Blake didn't even want to take two seconds out of his busy day of laying by the beach to do that speaks volumes.

Then there was the way he talked to Tia after she specifically told him that she wanted him to make her feel special. "I'm a simple guy," he said. (Yeah, dude, we know.) "Tia, I care about you. I care about your happiness, I don't care about anything else," he said on the beach. "What more do I need to do to prove it to you?"

Hmmmm...off the top of my head, Blake, I'd say, maybe just do exactly what she's asking you to do and order her some food at the bar? It is, quite literally, the least she deserves.

The rose ceremony will air next week, but given Tia's enlightening Instagram and Blake's social media silence on the matter thus far, I'm guessing he won't be getting her rose. Hopefully this time next week, we'll be saying, "Bye bye Tatty Daddy!"


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